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NO LONGER AVAILABLE..Patent Model Cooking Stove inventor James Lyon Schenectady NY 1844 Patent # 3,830

1844 very early model well before civil war James H Lyon Schenectady NY has a "movable furnace" name painted on side.

tag attached to model is from past museum showing

Mr James H Lyon of Schenectady NY was granted patent # 3,380 by the US Patent office on November 18th, 1844 for his idea of having the fire moveable in a cooking stove. This is a very early model, well before civil war. The original US Patent office tag will go to the winning bidder with the model and a copy of the inventors claim and drawing.
James H Lyon of Schenectady NY invented this cooking stove which has a "movable furnace" which slides the fire into a position closer to, or further from the oven. That would allow for better control over cooking. The flame could be directed to flow around the oven for more even heat, Mr Lyons name is painted on the side of the model.
Tag attached to model is from previous museum showing