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** SOLD **Paterson NJ Patent Model for rolling Locomotive tires inventor Sherman Jaqua Paterson New Jersey Patent # 37,206

Sherman Jaqua of Paterson NJ was 42 years old when he invented the locomotive wheel, patent # 37,206 for “Rolling tires for Locomotive wheels” on Dec 16 1862 An adjustable frame and several sets of rollers were the basis of this invention. It seems that “tires” are actually iron or steel wheels for trains.

Paterson New Jersey had a 77 foot waterfall that was the center of a plan to have a great industrial center use the power generated by that waterfall. Dozens of mills and buildings were built that served to provide textiles, silk, firearms (Samuel Colt manufactured there) and LOCOMOTIVE manufacturing facilities, including Rogers Locomotive works and many others.

A well made wood model with precise brass adjusters and wood rollers.