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Patent Model Grain Drier inventor Mortimer Cogswell and Addison Williams Buffalo NY Patent # 34,405 1862

Mortimer C Cogswell was also involved with a partner in 1860 in another patent for improving ventillation in bolt chests. That patent case went to the supreme court.

The inventor claims that the long horizontal cylindrical case is supported on a frame and it has an opening at the top through which the excess moisture is to escape. At the bottom are several doors for the discharge of the grain when it is dried. There are " air tubes, buckets, disks, domes" and a "hollow journal"

This case may be 15 to 50 feet and the diameter may be from 3 to 6 feet....definately a stationary structure.

The piece that looks like a blower in the drawing is not with the model and I don't see where it may have been in 1862. In reading the claim, the inventor says," We make no claim to either of these..." indicating a" furnace for heating the air" and "represents a blower. This also may be of any suitable and well-known construction". I see that this explains why there is no piece attached to the case.

"Dust, chaff and the evaporation are driven out through the opening at the top with the escaping air". it says in the written claim.