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Patent Model device to measure liquids inventor Henry Marchand Allegheny Pa Pat # 232,527

Automatic liquid measure H E Marchand Pat Sept 21 1880 This device, invented by Henry E Marchand of Allegheny Pennsylvania, received patent # 232,527 on September 21st 1880. It was specifically designed for “oils, molasses and other liquids liable to soil the hands” said the inventor in his claim. The Marchand family was a prominent family in the area, but I cannot find out anything about Henry.

As you can see from photos of the “innards” of this model, some are missing. The outer dial is there as shown in the photos, as are some brass gears and a brass “ discharge spout”. It looks like all the parts listed on sheet 3 are visible in the pictures but the “float” (a large ball) is missing. The dial moves with an “arm” inside the tank. I am not sure what else is missing.

The model is 12 inches wide, 10 inches high and 5 inches from front to back.

Tag attached to the model is from previous museum showing.