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Washing machine Milton Junction Wisconsin

Clarence C Oviatt of Milton Junction Wisconsin was granted patent # 230,146 for his well-designed washing machine. Although the model is missing a set of 2 "pounders" it still has the other 2 which operate the way the inventor designed it. The "tub" is made much like a barrel . The "cross beams" and many other parts have been made from wood and are in operating condition. The actual operating rod or lever, has been broken and is shorter, but still operates the up and down motion of the pounders. The inside has a perforated wooden insert slightly above the floor which allows water to pass under it and circulate through the clothes. The original Patent Office tags are in good condition. Tags attached to model are from previous museum displays.

I had thought that a "barrel stave" was missing, but on further review, the one metal band(stave) has slipped and now shows an unpainted area around the entire "machine".I have some other pictures of most of these models but there is no room for them here. Email me if you would like to see other pictures.