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Patent Model Flour Scoop & Sifter inventor Joseph McIntire Crestline Ohio Patent # 219,868

Mr McIntire of Crestline Ohio invented this flour scoop and sifter that would avoid the problem of a persons fingers alone being used to hold a scoup when scouping or sifting flour or meal. His new handle did away with that problem.

The sifter portion of this scoop-sifter consists of a double screen at the base, the LOWER of the 2 screens is fashioned so that it moves with the aid of a handle riding in a slot which agitates the flour causing it to be sifted.Yes, the LOWER screen moves and when the small handle strikes the end of the slide area, it causes "concusion that aids in the sifting process".

I think that I used a sifter of this type back in the 1940s, anyone remember those days?