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Patent Model Whip Socket inventor James Lowth Chicago Illinois 1879 patent # 216,523

Mr Lowth, the inventor assigned this patent to Alva Worden And John S Warden of Ypsilanti Michigan.(see patent model 107,845 this collection)
The “throat contracts or grasps the whip as it is thrust into the holder.” Mr Lowth explains in his official claim to the US Patent Office. The “vertically hinged jaw and wing” are other portions he referred to as he explained this invention…I am sure that when you look at some antique wagons or carts, that a whip holder of some type can be seen, maybe attached to the seat or the front of the wagon. Next time you see that old wagon….LOOK and you will see what I mean. We have quite a few different types in the collection and will offer them at another time. Mr Lowth was trying (and succeeded) to find a way to prevent the wagon operators whip from flying away as the wagon or cart bumped over the rough paths of 1879. This whip holder actually is designed to hold pressure on the handle to prevent the whip from being lost along the roadway. It appears to have worked as Mr James Lowth of Chicago Illinois was granted patent # 216,523 for his device.
This well made model and the original US Patent tag are offered here.

The tag attached to the model is from previous museum showings.

I guess a lot of folks lost their whips when the buggy or wagon went bumping accross the plains.

A nice metal model mounted on wood. This is one of a group of whip and rein holders that we have from the era.

Look for these when you visit museums or farms where there are old wagons or buggys.A complete and well made model in excellent condition