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Patent Model Meat tenderer inventor Thomas Coulter Elizabeth City NJ 1878 Patent # 210,503

Elizabeth City New Jersey

Great kitchen collectable.

For this model, patent # 210,503 was granted to Thomas J Coulter of Elizabeth City New Jersey on Dec 3, 1878. What a great kitchen collectable. The wooden handle and shaft has a spring to "reload" the "needle block". The inventor says that by holding the meat tenderer by tube E and brace F, one can cut out biscuts, I haven't tried it but I believe the claim. Figure 5 shows a variation of another handle but I am not sure that he ever incorporated it into the model.

Tag attached to model is from previous museum showing.

What is called a needle-block by the inventor, "has double pointed needles, similiar to, but sharper than, those used in the manufature of fringes."