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Patent Model Washing machine inventor John Ambrust Patent # 161,731 Apollo Pennsylvania

Tag attached to the model is from previous museum showings.

The inventor John D M Armbrust, refers to his new invention as a “steam washer”. The model is of 3 pieces, the rotating cylindrical clothes washing receptacle, which fits into the “ boiler”. The 3rd piece is called a bail, by which the cylinder can be “conveniently handled” says the inventor in his claim.
There is a sliding door thru which the clothes are placed, inside the part that turns there are ribs that cause the clothes to rub and be agitated. The tub of this machine is made of copper and has “bearings” that allow the receptacle to turn freely when the handle is turned. Quite the new idea for 1875. The receptacle is made of tin and so it the bail.
There is an inspection hole cut into the model so that the unit could be made and inspected. The inspection flap can be bent down so that the entire unit will turn freely. The tag attached to the model is from previous museum showings.