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Patent Model Vehicle spring inventor William Whitney Leominster Massachusetts Patent # 157,952

. William B Whitney was born in 1841 and invented this spring in 1874 at age 33.He was granted patent # 157,952 for his new and useful idea. It certainly made a lot of people more comfortable. He died at the age of 50 in 1891. . He assigned his patent to the family company, the F A Whitney Carriage Company of Leominster Mass.The F A Whitney Company was a prominent firm in the area.

This model is certified to have been removed from the famous fire of 1877 and the tag attesting to that goes with the model. I think that we all have seen a movie with a horse drawn wagon, or a carriage or buckboard that has this type of spring up under where the driver sits. He bounces around but that is better than a hard seat that doesn’t “give".

This model was rescued from the fire of 1877 and has the tag to attest to that fact.

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