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Patent Model Locomotive Spark-Arrester inventor Conrad Upperman Pittsburg Pa. Locomotive train Oct 6 1874 patent # 155,687

A great item for the train collector or the patent model collector.

Expertly made metal Model with internal parts

Conrad Upperman of Pittsburg Pa knew that much debris flew into the air and landed on the passengers from the smelly locomotive engine. Cinders and sparks won’t pass through the screens, he thought, so he had an idea that would get him patent # 155,687, granted on October 6th 1874. Shaped just like the smokestack on a steam engine, he added conical gratings that worked in pairs, so that if cinders or sparks passed through the first, it would get caught in the second.

The drawing submitted to the Patent Office shows exactly what he meant. The photos should also show the details.

Tags attached to the model are from previous museum showings.

Designed to keep hot cinders from falling on passengers.