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Patent Model Apparatus for drying sugar inventor Charles Hersey Boston Mass Patent # 149,397

This “open-ended drier drum” was what Mr. Charles Hersey of Boston Mass was granted patent # 149,397 for on April 7, 1874. He was convinced that he could invent a sugar drier that would revolutionize the sugar industry. There is no base on which to rotate the model as shown in the inventors’ drawings. I am sure that a suitable base could be fabricated to show off this large model. I have not cleaned the brass on this or any of my models, I will let the future custodian use his/her judgment on what would be best for the display. The wheels, marked c are missing, but the “rims” or “Tires” marked b are the large brass rings that circle the drier. The steam heads are in the center portion of the drier drum that would dry the sugar as the drum turned. The tags attached to the model are from previous museum displays.