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Patent Model Fly Trap inventor B Leslie patent # 118,373 1871 Irvine Kentucky

Has original clear glass top. Mister Benjamin Leslie felt that his fly trap was the latest and best of the times. In the base of the trap is a "groove or gutter" that would hold the bait. Sugar or molasses could be used to attract the flies. The fly would enter at the side, which was open and then he would be in the trap. The sides of the trap didn't go all the way down to the base, but were formed into a "gutter" which would contain heavily soaped water." The flies crawl under the trap for the bait, and, when they rise, pass between the gutters bb to the glass, and in trying to make their way through are certain to fall in the suds and drown."

Glass top is original. Model is complete.

Tags attached to models are from previous museum displays.