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Patent Model Whip Socket inventor Alva Worden Ypsilanti Michigan 1870 Patent # 107,845 saved from the fire of 1877 and has the tag.

Another in a series of whip holders we collected,each with a different idea and some of the manufactured ones can be found on old wagons.

Mr Worden also patented reloading tools in 1880

When the whip handle is pushed down, it automatically opens at the base and tightens at the top...holding tight to the whip handle. This is an improvement on Mr Wordens own original patent in 1868, patent # 77,233 for the whip holder

Of course the inventors claim has a lot of words such as perforated lugs, cast metal, jaw or cap, rivet pin and others.

This model was taken from the fire of 1877 and has the tag to attest to that fact. We are lucky that it survived.