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Dear Job Seeker,


Hello and thank you for your interest in working as a Home-Based Data Entry Specialist. This position is a great opportunity for any stay-at-home mom or dad who has a desire to work in the comfort of his or her own home. In fact, anyone can execute this job by following this simple system. As a Home Data Entry Specialist, you are not required to take surveys, stuff envelopes, or place any calls to strangers. Your primary responsibility is to process applications over the Internet.






Requirements You Need to Be Successful


§         Internet Access & Basic Internet Knowledge (Navigating, E-mailing, Posting, etc.)

§         Valid E-mail Address

§         Basic Computer and  Good Typing Skills

§         Ability to Spell and Print Neatly

§         Ability to Follow Instructions


Before I go on, I want to inform you that this concept or system is protected by the following laws, which you may reference at any time to ensure that all of your actions are non-litigious in nature. This system or concept is 100% legal protected by the following US Postal and Lottery Laws:


§         Title 18, Section 1302 and 1341,

§         Title 18, Section 3005 in the US code,

§         Federal Regulations, Volume 16, Sections 255 and 436 which state a product or service must be exchanged for money received



This Home Data Entry Specialist position should earn you about $300.00-$500.00 per week or more depending on how hard you work. We are seeking only honest, self-motivated people with a desire to work in the home typing and data entry field, from the comfort of their own homes.


…To become a Home Data Entry Processing Specialist only requires that you have 1) a computer, 2) an Internet connection 3) basic Internet knowledge and minimal typing skills, and 4) a valid e-mail account with a valid e-mail address.


…You can choose to work Full time or Part time, and since you will be working with clients from all states you can set your work schedule based on the amount of work you receive.


…You will need an E-mail account as that is where all your applications will be sent. You do not have to contact anyone, as all contacts will be made via E-mail. You will be processing applications which will be explained to you in the training materials.


…There is no contract to sign and the amount of orders you choose to process is entirely up to you.


…As with any job, you must be willing to work hard and try to respond and process orders in a timely manner.




You will be paid $10-$20 for each application you process. For example, if you process 30 applications in a week, you will earn $300.00-$600.00 weekly. The amount of money you earn is entirely up to you, as it depends on the amount of time and effort you choose to put forth. The average person earns $200-$400 per week; however, you can make more if you put more work and effort into it.

You will be responsible for keeping track of your earnings for tax time, as we DO NOT take out any taxes or provide you with a 1099 form this is entirely your responsibility.  


The training materials you receive will give you step-by-step instructions on how to get started. When you receive your training materials you may begin working the very same day. YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR TRAINING MATERIALS VIA E-MAIL.

This work from home opportunity is totally legitimate and how successful you are once again only depends on the time and effort you put fourth on your end. There is no special software required for this position.






You will receive your pay through Paypal. You are not going to be paid on a weekly basis; you will be paid for each application that you process.

There is a "One Time Non-Refundable Fee of $19.95

The cost will cover the training materials sent to you. Once you process your very first order you will have made back this fee "GUARANTEED"!

Please understand that as much as we would like not to charge this small processing fee, we must protect ourselves from those who are not serious about this work at home opportunity.

No business can afford to cover administrative costs, wasted time or provide costly materials to everyone who inquires about this position. This small fee assures us that you are serious about working from home.

Once you have processed your first application you will have already made back the cost of the training materials. When you receive your training materials, you may begin working the very same day.




1)     How long is the training?

Most applicants typically complete the training within 24 hours or less. However you can do this at your leisure; take as long or as little time as you would need.

2)     I don't live in the USA can I still do the work?

Yes! Cuba and Afghanistan are the only countries we do not offer our services to.

3)     What kind of orders am I processing?

They will vary depending on the type of client you will work with (to be covered in the training materials, but do NOT involve anything illegal or pornographic in nature). Also to process just one order usually takes about 15-20 minutes per order submitted.

Once you have accepted the orders you want to process you will need to respond to process them promptly, so before you except a task, be sure you will follow through as there are deadlines to meet.

4)     Why is there a fee?

We have to cover our expenses in recruiting individuals, processing their applications and training you. Compare us to other staffing firms; they take a percentage of your pay for the duration of your employment with their clients. That's a lot of money! We require a low one time non-refundable fee of $19.95 for your training materials.



§         The position for Home Typist Data Entry Specialist requires you to have a computer with email access. You will need this to keep in touch with clients.

§         Printers are not at all required but can be helpful for you to print out important documents and cash revenue.

§         You can begin working full time or part time, the choice is up to you. To work full time simply put more hours into your work and you will have a greater income.

§         You will need minimal typing skills for this position. You will be processing orders from your own computer via your email.


This work from home opportunity will make you real money. You will not have to contact anyone; you will be contacted through your email. Now you must be willing to work as with any job, and it does require some time and effort to be successful.

You will be paid $10.00 - $20.00 for each order you process, for example: if you process 25 orders a week, you will make $250.00 - $500.00 weekly. The amount of money you can make is virtually endless; it only depends on the time and effort you put forth. There is a "One Time Fee" of $19.95 to begin. This is the cost of the Training Materials.

The Training Materials give you the step-by-step instructions on how YOU get started. When you receive your Training Materials you may begin working that very same day. Once you have processed your first order you will have already made back the cost of your Training Materials. "YOU WILL BE RECEIVING YOUR TRAINING MATERIALS THROUGH YOUR EMAIL."

This work from home opportunity is legitimate and how successful you are only depends on the time and effort you put in. I am here to help you get started and answer any questions that you may have. If you are serious, and are willing to put forth some time and effort, then I look very forward to hearing from you. GOOD LUCK!!!


Thank you, Home Based Data Entry Specialist