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"Lost Love"

(Original air date 01/17/75)


Steve rekindles a romance with a former love


Story: Mel and Tom Levy

Teleplay: Richard Carr

Director: Arnold Laven

As he and Oscar leave the restaurant after a business lunch, Steve inadvertently catches a glimpse of a woman he once knew, his old flame Barbara Tatcher (Linda Marsh). He walks over to her table and sparks are renewed as they begin to recount the events that occurred in their respective lives since their parted ways seven years ago.

As they exit the restaurant, two men waiting in a car across the street get ready to abduct Barbara, but meet with a slight change of plan when they notice her escort kissing her goodbye.


Concerned about Steve's absence at the morning meeting, Oscar goes to the park to find his melancholic friend on a footbridge, distractedly throwing pepples into the stream below. He learns that Steve and Barbara were once engaged to be married. Unfortunately his studies consumed most of his time and believing that he was neglecting her on purpose, she decided to leave him for another man, Orin Tatcher (Jeff Corey), a scientist who once worked on a project for the OSI. Steve is troubled to learn from Oscar that Tatcher was killed three months ago in a plane crash.

Steve's worries are just beginning when the two men following Barbara receive a call from their boss André Markos (Joseph Ruskin) ordering them to eliminate Austin by all means necessary.


Steve picks Barbara's address out of the phone book and drives to her apartment building, where she confesses her reason for keeping Orin's death from him. Seeing Steve at the restaurant yesterday aroused old feelings she doubted were still mutual. Steve confesses that his love for her has never dwindled and wishes to rekindle their romance.


After a day of fun-filled activities, Steve escorts Barbara to her apartment door and kisses her goodnight. The two hired guns wait until Steve is in the elevator to spring into action. They burst into Barbara's apartment and try to chloroform her.

Outside, Steve looks up at the window and discerns the silhouettes of two intruders struggling to subdue Barbara. He sprints back up where he succeeds in overpowering the two thugs who flee.


Later, Steve goes to Oscar to seek a plausible explanation for anyone wanting to abduct Barbara. He learns that her husband had been working at developing a gas that would purify the atmosphere in the threat of a biological warfare and that in all probability, those men believe she may be in possession of her late husband's notes. That said, Steve offers to act as her personal bodyguard.

At the restaurant, Steve questions Barbara about Orin's work, whether or not he passed on any of his notes. She describes her husband as a very evasive man who never entered into details. He only discussed his work with Prof Kosoyin who was collaborating on the same project.


At night, following a copious dinner at Barbara's apartment, the love birds retreat to the livingroom with a brandy to cuddle up in front of the crackling fireplace. Their romantic interlude is interrupted by a phone call from Orin who begs his wife to come meet him at the Bacarian Embassy, where he is hiding in order to pursue his project in privacy. Shaken by the news of her husband's fake death, Barbara is torn between her love for Steve and her obligation towards her husband. Although uneasy about the situation, Steve nonetheless agrees to accompany Barbara to Lisbon.

Before leaving for the airport, Steve drops by Oscar's office to give him his itinerary. He's made up his mind to follow Barbara and won't be dissuaded.


Outside the OSI, the two men try to run Steve over with their car. Steve jumps over the vehicle to avoid the collision and quickly zooms in on the license plate.

Steve and Barbara land in Lisbon and are greeted at the airport by Markos who drives them to the Embassy. Once there, Orin falls into Barbara's arms under Steve's glare. After he introduces his colleague Professor Kosoyin (Than Wyenn), he lures his wife into his study while Markos instructs his butler Emil (Wesley Lau) to escort Steve up to his room. Steve is quick to notice the two men who attempted at both his and Barbara's life enter Markos's office.


Once in his room, he is locked in. Incensed, Steve jumps down the balcony and surprises Orin and Barbara in the midst of a serious discussion. He asks her to follow him back to Washington, but she refuses.

After dinner, the assembled company adjourns to the living room for a brandy. At one point, Prof. Kosoyin proposes to show the laboratory to the guests. During the tour, Steve pesters Barbara for the reason of her sudden turnaround, but she insists on discussing the matter later on.


Markos becomes ill-at-ease at Steve's presence at the Embassy and orders his men to kill him during the night.

Before retiring in his room for the night, Steve decides to do a little snooping, but is surprised by Markos who invites Steve to join him in his study, where his men knock Steve on the head, rendering him unconscious.


They carry him down to the basement and chain his arms to a wooden pillar that Steve is quick to break with his bionic strength.


Steve bounces up to Barbara's bedroom window to demand an explanation for her odd behavior. He urges her to pack up her belongings just as Orin shows up with a gun in hand. Steve's bionic powers prevail once again, but under Barbara's insistence, he allows Tatcher provide his version of the facts. He expounds that he and Prof. Kosoyin were brought to the Embassy against their wishes to develop the formula. He swears they had no intention whatsoever to hand it over to Markos, hence the reason why they've kept its completion a secret. They cannot flee with the formula on account that Markos is keeping half of it in his safe.

Steve acknowledges his story and asks Orin to show him to the safe in question.

Barbara packs up her suitcase while Steve and Orin head down to the lab to break open the safe and retrieve the notes.


Meanwhile Markos's henchmen inform him of Steve's escape and all rush down to the lab where the bionic man overpowers them. With his hand clawing at Markos's neck, Steve orders him to have the car ready. Markos is now helpless at preventing his guests to leave.

Back in Washington, Steve meets with Barbara at the restaurant where he is hurt, though not surprised, to learn that she has chosen to return to her husband.


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