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"Look Alike"

(Original air date 02/23/75)


A Steve Austin look alike infiltrates the OSI


Story: Gustave Field

Teleplay: Richard Carr

Director: Jerry London

Taking advantage of a short break between assignments, Steve drives to a small lake to indulge in some quiet fishing. He goes to Sheriff Carruthers (Arthur Space) the owner of the shack to rent a small boat

As the man predicted it, the fish won't bite. Spotting a cluster of the taunting little devils underneath his boat, Steve decides to catch his game bionic style by harpooning the fish with his right hand.


Meanwhile at that OSI, Steve's look alike, down-on-his-luck boxer Johnny Dine, enters Oscar's office. He states boredom as the reason for shortening his vacation and fibs about having caught a cold to explain his hoarse voice.

After the small talk, he casually questions Oscar about his latest pet project. Barely does he have time to elaborate on it that he has to dash off to a meeting, leaving Johnny alone to file a folder in the safe.

Once Oscar out the door, the impostor starts snatching pictures of the file and takes advantage of the open safe to do a bit of ferreting about.


The next morning, Oscar meets with Johnny in the underground parking lot, surprised to see him in the same clothes he wore yesterday. Faced with Johnny's insistence to get better acquainted with the Omega project, Oscar accepts to schedule a tour of the facilities in the afternoon.

As Johnny places the microfilm in the glove compartment of his car, he accidentally cuts his right arm.

He drives over to his favorite nightclub spot to visit with his girlfriend Molly Franklin (Mary Rings), where his partner in crime, Breezy, (Robert Do Qui) warns him about showing his face in public until the job is done. Johnny proudly informs him that aside from the films, he managed to wangled a visit of the Omega project covert installations, but worries that the real Steve Austin might show up unexpectedly to play havoc in their plans.


Breezy arranges for two thugs to handle their small problem out of the lake. However the hired guns are no match for our bionic man who quickly overpowers his assailants and hands them over to Sheriff Carruthers before heading back to Washington, where a stunned secretary (Susan Keller) once again hands him the address of the location where he is to meet with Oscar.

Oscar guides Johnny on a tour of the facilities, unaware that the impostor is snatching pictures of the premises with a miniature camera cleverly concealed in one of his jacket buttons.


When they exit the condemned building, Johnny and Oscar come face to face with Steve. As the culprit tries to flee, a car hits him, killing him on impact.


At the morgue, the pathologist draws Steve's and Oscar's attention to the extraordinary work done on the man's facial features, and that judging from the healed scars, he estimates that the plastic surgery must date back a few weeks. Oscar then surmises that the enemy agents must have shadowed Steve for some time to study his every move, then saw his vacation as the perfect window of opportunity to spring into action.


Back at Oscar's office, Steve learns that the impostor was left alone last night with the safe wide open. Aside from a hoarse voice, Oscar didn't see any dissimilarity with the real McCoy whom he trusts implicitly.

Steve proposes to assume Johnny's identity in order to infiltrate the organization and find out who's pulling the strings. By the same token, he intends to retrieve the pictures the man snatched of the files and installations.

He drives over to Johnny's favorite hang-out to fish for further information. There, he meets with his girlfriend Molly from whom he learns that the boxer often confided in his coach Ed Jasper (Jack Colvin) at Murphy's gym where he trained.


Having been notified by the bartender (Eddie Fontaine) of Johnny's presence at the club, Breezy shows up to reiterate his warning about openly courting Molly until the job is done. Steve informs him that he has the films he took of the Omega project facilities but that he'll only deal with the top dog himself.

Breezy contacts his boss, LaSalle, (Robert Salvio) who instrusts him to bring Johnny to a specific construction site where he'll have two of his men handle him.

Steve goes to the gym to talk with Johnny's coach to get information on the identity of Breezy's boss, but Jasper is as much in the dark about the enigmatic figure as he is.


Breezy meets with Steve to take him to the construction site under the pretence that the boss agreed to speak with him. There, Steve spots the two-armed men hiding in the shadows. After thwarting the ambush, Steve contacts Oscar to advise him of the situation. Despite the boss's warning, Steve is determined to get to LaSalle before he has a chance to dispose of the microfilm.


Oscar calls on OSI operative Marcus Grayson (George Foreman) to watch Steve's back for the remainder of the sting operation. He admires his colleague's moves in the ring as he takes on sparring partner Breezy in a last-ditch attempt to convince him to take him to his boss.

In his haze, Breezy tries to focus on Steve's right arm and strangely, he notices that the cut has disappeared.


Despite his suspicions, he nevertheless brings Steve to meet with LaSalle backstage at the boxing arena where he reveals his true identity. Caught, Steve flees with the slides. LaSalle alerts the security guards who order Steve to double back.

Steve creates a diversion to attempt an escape, but winds up engaging in a fight with LaSalle's men.


Meanwhile, Marcus bashes down the backdoor entrance of the arena to go lend Steve a hand in the ring.

The two agents end up licking the floor with LaSalle's henchmen before Oscar arrives with his men to make some arrests.


Once the men in custody, Marcus returns to his other duties. Oscar starts teasing Steve about his true identity, whether or not he's the real McCoy. Steve replies on the same bantering tone that the next time he sees him, to kick him in the shin. If he screams, it's not him.


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