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"Steve Austin, Fugitive"

(Original air date 04/27/75)


Branded a fugitive after fleeing from a murder charge,
Steve must find the true culprit


Story: Wilton Denmark, William Gordon & James Doherty

Teleplay: Mark Frost & Richard Carr

Director: Russ Mayberry

Oscar's new secretary Peggy Callahan (Jennifer Darling) is on the phone with her mother when Steve walks in. He waits for her to finish her call before asking to see Oscar. After recovering from the initial shock of meeting the famous astronaut Steve Austin, Callahan informs him that the boss is gone abroad for a few days.

As he leaves, she gets a call for him from Charlie Taylor (Andy Romano) who urges Steve to come over to his apartment to discuss an urgent matter. He was threatened not to file a report with security after finding missing documents in the cyborg project top secret file.

Charlie grins at the prospect of swindling the government out of millions to keep silent about Austin's nature. However his silent partner, John Hopper's twin brother (Gary Lockwood) has a different agenda in mind. He shoots Taylor and awaits Steve's arrival.


As he enters the apartment, Steve is surprised by Hopper wearing a ski mask who admits to killing Taylor. However the official record will state Steve Austin as the murderer.

As Steve lunges at him, Hopper fires a tranquilizer that renders him unconscious within seconds.


Hopper removes the dart from Steve's neck and goes around the apartment touching things with a special latex glove bearing Steve's fingerprints, before calling the police to report the murder.


Later, a groggy Steve regains his senses just as Lieutenant Dobbs (Bernie Hamilton) and his two deputies, Officers Portez (Marco Lopez) and Atkins (Reb Brown) walk in. Dobbs postpones interrogating Steve when he realizes the man's in no shape to answer questions, but makes sure his men follow him.

Once the effect of the drug wears off, Steve calls Oscar to gen him up on the incident, and by the same occasion he asks to do a background check on the men he's sent to jail recently. Oscar tells Callahan to assist Steve in his endeavors.

She's all too happy to oblige until Steve asks for her address and phone number, leading her to believe he wants her for his own entertainment. He quickly sets her mind at ease by explaining that the information is for office emergencies only.


Dobbs and his men barge into the office and arrest Steve on suspicion of murder. Before he's escorted out of the building in handcuffs, Steve asks Callahan to reach Oscar on the double.

On the way to the police station, Steve spots a familiar face on the street. He kicks the car door open and chases after Hopper. Dobbs wings him in the leg, slowing down his sprint, but not enough for Steve to disappear out of sight.


When Callahan comes back to her apartment, she is startled to find Steve sitting in her living room. She wonders how he could have broken in with all the security locks on her door, and won't believe the story of his coming through the window.

Steve fills her in on his escape and on the man he holds accountable for Charlie Taylor's murder. He hopes the computer can provide him with information on his whereabouts.


She nearly faints when he shows her his leg injury. After recovering her composure, she goes to the local hardware store to fetch the necessary implements to repair the damage. There she meets with a wacky clerk (Lee Majors).


As Steve finishes mending his leg under Callahan's gape of disbelief, Dobbs knocks on the door. Quickly, Steve goes hides in the bedroom while Callahan unbolts the five security locks on her door. No sooner has he produced a search warrant that Dobbs and his men search her apartment.

She worries when Dobbs wanders into her bedroom. Even more frightening is when he comes out empty-handed. Little do they know Steve is hanging outside her window.


As Steve hoists himself back into the room, Callahan informs him that she was able to access the information on Hopper but that on account of her low degree of security, she was unable to retrieve the file.

She drives Steve to the OSI. While he sneaks into the computer room to snatch the file, Callahan decides to do a little investigating of her own by going to Charlie Taylor's apartment building.


Under the cloak of a reporter for the Washington Post doing a story on the recent murder, Callahan starts interrogating the neighbours, some more welcoming than others (Amzie Strickland). Unbeknownst to her, she knocks on Hopper's door. He invites her in and humors her by providing a fake description of the alleged suspect.

He follows her back to her apartment building. Minutes later, he notices Steve heading up to her apartment. He sets up his listening device to eavesdrop on their conversation.


When Steve produces a picture of Hopper, Callahan tells him that he's the man she spoke with back at the Regency Apartments. Quickly they drive over there.

She leads him to the apartment in question where they part ways. She reluctantly goes back to her car while Steve breaks in and search Hopper's apartment.


A tip-off from Hopper has the police converge to the scene. Callahan honks several times to warn Steve who manages to elude his pursuers by jumping on the roof of the adjacent building. Callahan's relief turns to fear when Hopper comes up behind her.


Steve begins to worry when Callahan fails to return to the apartment. Hopper's phone call confirms his suspicions. He orders Steve to show up at a park tomorrow morning or the secretary gets it.

In the meantime, Oscar flies back to Washington and drives to the police station to straighten the matter. He explains to Dobbs that a latex glove bearing Steve Austin's fingerprints was reported stolen, and that in all probability the assassin used it to pin the murder on Steve. A far-fetched story that Dobbs has trouble swallowing.

Using the alias of Sergeant Jackson, Hopper informs Dobbs of Austin's location.


At the park, Steve zooms in on the roof of a warehouse where he spots Hopper, just as Oscar and Dobbs drive up to him. In order to nail Hopper, Steve concocts a plan that consists in having Dobbs' men gun him down as he tries to escape.

They act out the scene for Hopper's benefit.


When it appears Austin is dead, Hopper returns to the warehouse to inform Callahan of her friend's tragic death. He's waited some time to avenge his brother John's death in jail. He now relishes the thought of pinning a last murder on Austin by killing his charming partner with a knife smudged with his fingerprints.

Steve bursts inside the warehouse and after a brief struggle, he overpowers Hopper and frees a relieved Callahan.


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