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"Eyewitness to Murder"

(Original air date 03/08/74)


Steve must insure the safety of a renowned state prosecutor
after a failed attempt on his life


Writer: William Driskill

Director: Alf Kjellin

At a posh restaurant, renowned state prosecutor Lorin Sandusky (William Shallert) and his entourage are discussing the Victor Ritchie case over a meal, while a few tables away, Steve finishes his supper.

In a corner table, professional sniper John Hopper (Gary Lockwood) wipes his mouth clean and walks to a phone booth, where he notifies his contact in New York (Richard Webb) to assure Ritchie that the contract will be executed at midnight sharp.


He climbs to the roof of the building across from the restaurant and puts together his automatic rifle. He assumes his shooting position, aiming at the entrance just as Steve exits to ask the doorman (Al Dunlap) to hail a taxi.

Seconds later, Sandusky and his men walk out. As he steps into the limousine, he inadvertently drops his folder. Hopper fires just as he bends down to pick it up, hitting Sandusky's associate Tom Windom (Sal Ponti) instead.


Steve zooms in on the roof where his infrared picks up the likes of Hopper. However Hopper makes a clean getaway before Steve has a chance to catch up to him.

Steve rouses Oscar in the middle of the night to go view police shots of professional snipers. An exhausted Oscar explains to Steve that despite the fact that he was a witness to murder, he has no business handling the case.

Oscar then gets a call from Washington that makes him sing a different tune. The shooting might not have been an isolated incident. It is believed that the gunman was aiming at renowned state prosecutor Lorin Sandusky to silence him before he has a chance to present incriminating evidence to the grand jury against racketeer Victor Ritchie.

Steve is now assigned to insure Sandusky's protection for the duration of the inquest. According to the law, if Sandusky doesn't testify within twenty-eight hours, the charges against Ritchie will be dropped.


Oscar meets with Sandusky in his hotel room to inform him of the security procedures. Later, he rendezvouses with Steve in the park to lay out his instructions. He hands Steve the address of an outdoor snack bar where he is to speak with Dorsey (Allen Joseph), an informant who has been passing out helpful tips to police.

When he gets there, Steve asks Dorsey to write down the list of Ritchie's henchmen. Aside from the three within the organisation, he's heard of a fourth who's a freelance professional sniper they refer to as the 'fall guy'. Steve walks back to Oscar to hand him the information before they drive over to Sandusky's hotel.


There, they meet with Lieutenant Tanner (Leonard Stone) assigned to escort Sandusky to the courthouse under heavy guard. They all leave for their destination in a procession of limousines.

As they escort Sandusky inside the building, Steve spots Tanner on the sidewalk and runs after him. He catches up with him as he steps into a taxi. Steve rips the door open, much to the cab driver's (Lew Palter) dismay and grips Hopper.


At the police station, Hopper is interrogated but quickly released once Tanner produces a video of last night's taping of a talk show, in which Hopper discusses his work as a traveling salesman. The tape is evidence that Hopper was at the studios at the time the sniper fired the shot at Sandusky.

Steve argues with a sceptic Oscar that there was no mistaken identity and rejects the possibility of a bionic malfunction.

When Hopper realizes that Steve intends to be his shadow until Sandusky's court appearance tomorrow morning, he phones his contact asking to rid him of Austin at whatever cost.


Steve goes to Hopper's hotel and asks the clerk (Donna Mantoan) for the room number. After checking that the coast is clear, he breaks into Hopper's room to search for clues. He picks up a fancy business suit and notes the name on the label.

He goes to the tailor shop to question the owner Richard Hanley (Ivor Barry) about Hopper's orders. He finds it peculiar that Hopper should request that two identical suits be made with each order.


As Steve exits the store, he is chased by a van that corners him in a back alley. With one bionic push, he avoids being crushed by the trashcan.

He goes up to Sandusky's hotel to report the incident to Oscar. Now they only need to figure out how Hopper could be at two places at once.

Steve returns to Hopper's hotel and sits in the lobby. Upstairs, Hopper meets with his twin brother. They plot to get Austin out of the way for good before he seriously interferes with their plan to kill Sandusky.


John's brother lures Steve away to a park while he sets up his rifle on the roof of the building across from the courthouse.

At the park, Steve zooms in on Hopper's face and notes a birthmark on the cheek. He sprints back to the courthouse with the key to the mystery: they're twins.


Steve strides up the stairwell to the roof and jumps Hopper before he has a chance to execute his contract. Afterwards, he goes the Hopper's hotel to apprehend his twin.

Following the successful trial, a celebration takes place in Sandusky's hotel room. Puzzled, he questions Steve on his incredible ability to identify Hopper on that dark night. Oscar chokes on his drink when Steve breezily replies: I eat a lot of carrots.


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