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The Only Termite Protection Your House Will Ever Need™

The Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System establishes a new standard for protecting property from
subterranean termites. It's an innovative baiting system that acts like a security system, providing continuous
defense. After eliminating attacking colonies, the Sentricon System guards structures by monitoring for future
invasions. As a long-term solution that's easy on the environment, the Sentricon System is the only subterranean
termite protection your house will ever need
Here Are the Steps to Termite Colony Elimination.
1.First, your home will be inspected for signs of termites. Then, Sentricon stations will be placed in the soil around your home.
2.The stations will be checked regularly for termite activity.
3.When termites are found in a station, they will be transferred to a Baitube™ device containing RecruitTM  termite bait. The Baitube will then be placed in that station.


4.The captured termites will feed on Recruit  termite bait, tunnel out and send other colony nest mates back to feed on the bait. This is called trophallaxis – the exchange of chemical messages, as well as nutrients, between colony members. It allows termites to spread  the active ingredient in Recruit  throughout the colony. As nest mates feed on the bait, the colony starts to decline and is eliminated.
5.After a colony has been eliminated, the bait will be replaced with new monitoring devices. Your Authorized Operator will continue to inspect these regularly to discover any new colonies that might invade your property.


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