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With Live Radio talk Interviews with those within the Music Industry

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With Live Radio talk Interviews with those within the Music Industry

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With Live Radio talk Interviews with those within the Music Industry

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With Live Radio talk Interviews with those within the Music Industry

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With Live Radio talk Interviews with those within the Music Industry

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Sunday, 15 May 2005
More Audio's From The D'Anne Burley Show featured on
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Ku Klux Klan leader Edgar Ray Killen sits in a Philadelphia, Miss., courtroom 80 yrs old and on life support, Edgar is getting sentence, but look at the fact this man lead a full life after killing three workers, and who knows how many other Blacks were murdered after this, Edgar, is near death at 80 and how does this really impact on the Issue on Race in America?
The hate organizations like the KKK and others who were involved in major operations which lead to the destruction of the Black Family, blacks having the right the basic freedoms shared my all other races can it be erased by the sentencing of this man, the answer here is no!
Because there are more and more Edgars, with their belief that blacks are still animals, less than men and who believe that they need to be in their place in the roles within this society.
You can see this within the Schools, the Colleges, and reflected in all ways of life today. I had some years back wrote an article about the issue that happened within the University of Michigan whereby a student became mad that minorities ?BLACKS? received grants, but the case of what is concerned extra rights is a myth and I addressed this issue back when President George Bush, went to the campus to back the person who was making this a issue, my point was HOW ABOUT ALL THOSE FOLKS FROM FOREIGN COUNTRIES WHO OBTAIN GRANTS, HOMES, FOOD, CLOTHING CASH AND MORE FROM THE US, they were indeed going to the College in Michigan while this woman complained but nothing was said about this issue, the issue was that ?Blacks: had a grant or two, who were in many cases in worse economical condition from many others within the campus. My article was published within the school paper by John Woodford, who has the managing Editor at the time, and this issue is again the same today, whereby state grants are being cut, so that only the rich can afford college which is now effecting all races but indeed impacts on minorities from the United States more and more, and many here are not aware that many foreign nations also provide grants and money to aid for their people to become educated within the US, So why then is it ok, to require ?Blacks to go to war and fight in military actions, and then not give them the same treatment as all other men and women in this country?
Again, Edgar, is now being sentenced but again now does this stop the current trend of hatred? Those murderous folks out there are now saying -?Hmm if I kill a Black today, I will not get sentenced until 40 yrs later, that ain?t bad! And then I can be accepted by God because I had repented my sins, upon last rites!


espionage >

noun the practice of spying or of using spies. -ORIGIN French, from espion 'a spy' THE FINE ART OF SPYING AND HARASSMENT


By D?Anne Burley

They look just like you and me, they live within the cities and within suburban communities about are given "Card Blanche" to obtain information on YOU! If you are a ?Problem and or see too much!"
The way this game is played they observe you, and watch your every waiting moment like a serial killer, or predator. They go in and out of your trash, looking for bank records, credit card statements letters and anything else you may have thrown in so that they can use it against you.
They watch your children, and see if there is a weak link, someone they can entrap and use as a measure to get more information on YOU and or to do something that can cause you to lose credibility within your community. Scandal, sex, drugs and anything else they can uncover.
If you are not married but have a relationship they attempt to set you up with someone that can be later felt as dirty so again they can taint your name and worth within the community.
They will place child sex material on your computer and or in your home or apartment. And they will even send someone to romance you, making you to believe that you are in a real relationship when you are not, its just a game to get more and more information to take you out!
Once, about 2 yrs ago I met a man who came in from London, we spoke at length about the company he worked for which sent him out to cover mess on major corporations. Once in hand if they were in a anti-trust law case they would spring out pictures, sex tapes and other goodies to get those involved to stop their testimony and or make them withdraw from the case.
Thousand and Thousand of dollars pay for this service and indeed anyone can hire one.
Then I met others who told me of the nightmare of the Weatherman and others who were stalked, drugged, rapped, and destroyed just to make them go away and stop them also if they are attempting to move up the ladder to fast. Indeed there are caps on how much you can make and who controls it, and please many who you see are reported as being rich accept for a few are controlled by something greater in power and money within this game.
They use bankruptcy court like a Queen in a chess match, again to cause you to be without any money or assets you are not to be anyone or anything once they set themselves in attack mold.

They took my father out this way as they are attempting to do with me. The game is block and ride you out, they know that if they can cut off all money and ways for you to get ahead they have won and in this game they always think they are the smarter and more advance and can win it. If they can?t then they just right out murder you, like the long list of folks we suspect as being ?hits? but the deaths are so crazy its hard to pick out the reason. Its smoke and mirrors and a game for with those within play for keeps and you life means a paycheck to them nothing else.
As wioth my father I was under attack non stopped because of becoming involved in a business, in my case it was a Mortgage Company which operated out of the Gold coast of Chicago.
The plot was to make me and my then business partner patsy for crimes. The quick indicator of this type of environment within the workplace is if you notice, that the business keeps reopening under very close names, and moving about so they are not notice. Creating one incorporation after another. The owner freely travels in and out of war torn countries, creating many smaller business with names like big corporation because those who are seeking to get goods and services think that they are doing business with the big one but it?s a little business who is tied back into espionage or drug and money laundering. In my case I started looking into this business after noticing more than one pipeline, in it, and that the Loan Officers in questions were seemingly involved in someone else but it was a cover and they all had clout. It was like a crew like one would see in a mob flick but those involved are invisible to those who are hired and paid large sums of public money to oversea these folks.
If you notice them then you may get yourself killed, and within the mortgage inductry within the last few years a number of Loan Officer were indeed getting WACKED by unknown criminals. In the cases I am speaking of those men were killed but were involved in a fraud and scam within the area of Dupage County which seemed to cover it up and refused to investigate. The cases were in court again ex partee, whereby the Mortgage Broker was allowed to continue to work within the industry while the case was being heard and after being found guilty and case continued they were still allowed to do loans and scam without any reprisals from those within the office of banks and real Estate.
Its not all Mortgage companies involved in this mess but a hand full which are those who are involved in a large scale operation to scam and defraud people so that they can move lots of money. In the case of the one I was involved in I felt that the whole pattern was to create companies so that they could coverup money laundering and other operations. But indeed if you go to report this they you may end up have pass dead. The game is to stop you from talking and if you make too much noise then they have to discredit you first then do all other nightmares later.
It was funny when I was the Director of Operations for the first Mortgage Company there was a man who allegedly took the files out of the business, the owner had people looking for him, and indeed I was on that list to because he locked me out of the office and threaten me, well letys said I was sent for, I did not go because this is not a very good term to hear if you who understands the term know what I mean.
Instead I was parked in Palos Hills my those involved undercover, whererby I was useful in creating a concept, whereby they could flow ill gotten gain into but redirct it elsewhere so that they could open another shell business to move to money out and when the feds come they come for you! The money was gone and you were there so you did it. Once I saw this I started to investigate, my former business partner who I had trusted believed them, I told him , but he was under the impression that these folks were good souls - gez- ! Just like in Black Sunday with Richard Dern, the Super bowl game was the backdrop, he was taken away by a terrorist and felt for the game.

Then they sent in plants women, men, they pop up just to make sure they can control one person and or the other while they have all their pieces in place. If one fall victim and strays then its my belief to get as far away from that person as you can because you will be done soon.
My business was to review 52 million dollars from the Saudis, it came in via a wire transfer but once here it was moved to another shell business whereby I sued to day lights out of, this thing got in the Islamic press, and was covered up and covered up and facts and information stated to get erased because if someone really looked at it and got over the fact the a Black Woman place in out in the open, then maybe Sept 11th. 2001 would not happened because there was indeed a flight School involved in this.
As in the article below my father Dan Burley, rad into another plot that may have gotten him poisoned back on Oct 27th. 1962. The paralle is indeed there and the ties all are involving espionage being allowing to ride heavy and deep within this country.
What I saw connected to many cells which formed across the USA, using Charities, Church Organizations who could travel in and out of various countries, money in and out money to be used to purchase arms and other things to later use against us. This indeed is Treason not a light sentence like Impeachment, the crimes that had gone on were devious and murderous, and many here have loss life, home , health and create just to allow a few men to create a corporation of a team of 100 men who are sub-contractors to steal and control our nations wealth rights and freedoms.
I have been harmed, poisoned within hospitals, I have loss things of value, housing and money. They have harmed my children, harmed me in ways I can not state here but they had taken much and because of this and the fact I have heard the same from all the other whistle blowers around the world I will give them voice and hope that those out there will listen help us out and do the right thing my asking for charges of treason to be issued not Impeachment, look at the tjousands killed in are for whom does the real bell toll. (P:S they cut all my phone, listen, cut off my e-mails, make sure that no one will aid me so that I can be singled out more and more, and they will not stop and I will not stop until they stop so the game goes on and on.. P:S I got filed hidden around the globe!

For some time there had always been a question in peoples' minds as to why the government had allowed the Congress of the People in 1955, to take place. In 1956 their question was answered when 156 Congress leaders were arrested and put on trial for high treason. The swoop came in the early hours of the morning of 5 December and was executed with military precision. Surrounded by elaborate security precautions, those arrested were driven or flown in military aircraft to Johannesburg, where they were imprisoned in the Fort Prison. One unplanned consequence of the mass arrests was the opportunity they gave to the resistance leaders (who had been confined in two large adjoining cells) to meet openly and uninhibited, a situation which the government had been at pains to prohibit for several years. As Chief Luthuli recalled, "What distance other occupations, lack of funds, and police interference had made difficult - frequent meetings - the government had now insisted on." The government's aim was to break the power of the Congress Alliance once and for all, since the previous bannings and banishments had not worked. A trial was set up and unusual measures were taken to make sure of the verdict, including special legislation being passed by parliament for the trial. The legislation allowed for a Special Court to be created, with three judges rather than the usual one. Furthermore, the courts allowed the Minister of Justice to handpick the judges.
The accused faced charges which claimed that they had participated actively in the campaign to draw up the Freedom Charter. According to the prosecution, the Charter visualised the abolition of all racial discrimination and the granting of equal rights to all. Combined with the slogan 'Freedom in Our Lifetime', the Charter was considered revolutionary, as it would involve the overthrow and destruction of the existing state. In addition, the prosecution claimed that this campaign implied violence, as only violence could reasonably be expected to achieve these ends.
The prosecution also accused the trialists of planning to establish alternative appendages of government, and of trying to establish a communist state. This claim was founded on a memorandum proposing that the sponsoring organisations prepare a common voters' roll of everyone over the age of twenty-one, that the country be divided into electoral districts, and that a general election for representatives to the Congress of the People be held on a certain date.

Before the prosecution case was even completed charges were withdrawn against 73 of the 156 accused, however those 73 were still quoted in the indictment as 'co-conspirators'. Amongst those released were ANC President Chief Albert Luthuli; African National Congress Secretary General Oliver Tambo; Yetta Barrentbatt, general secretary of the South African Congress of Democrats and I C Meer and Debi Singh, prominent officials of the South African Indian Congress.
Of the ninety-one accused, fifteen had been members of the Communist Party and thirty were Whites or Indians, but only two of the Communists and five of the Whites and Indians were included among the final thirty accused. Only a few of the African accused were ANC leaders of importance. The alleged adherence of the thirty to the conspiracy covered a shorter period of time than that covered by the original indictment (instead of October 1, 1952, the period began on February 1, 1954, running until December 13, 1956), but the Prosecution's evidence against the thirty covered the longer period and included speeches and documents of the persons originally accused and the co-conspirators. No particular conspiracy by the thirty was alleged.
The official announcement in November 1958 that the trial would proceed against only thirty of the accused had stated that the remaining sixty-one would also be re-indicted on a charge of treason and that their trial would begin on April 20, 1959, or afterwards. Presumably they were to be tried after the conclusion of the trial of the thirty. But on April 20, no later date having been set, the sixty-one appeared in court. They had been divided into two groups, each facing an indictment (covering different periods of time) that was essentially the same as that faced by the thirty in January but totally lacking in particularity. Because of this failure, the Court quickly and surprisingly granted the Defence motion to dismiss the indictment. The sixty-one still faced re-indictment. Speaking later, on May 12, 1959, about "the ordinary course of justice", the Minister of Justice said, "This trial will be proceeded with, no matter how many millions of pounds it costs - what does it matter how long it takes?"

On March 29 1961, Justice Rumpff stated: "On all the evidence presented to this court and on our findings of fact, it is impossible for this court to come to the conclusion that the African National Congress has acquired or adopted a policy to overthrow the state by violence, that is, in the sense that the masses had to be prepared or conditioned to commit direct acts of violence against the state."
All the judges agreed that the state had failed to prove the ANC or the Freedom Charter as communist. Therefore, after the longest Treason Trial in South African history, the remaining accused were all acquitted of treason. The government's strategy to eradicate the Freedom Charter at birth had failed.

The Time line of the Death of Dan Burley and how it may have connected to the Cuba Missile Crisis


Connecting the Dots of Treason Cuban Superhero Crisis brings world to brink of nuclear war. Soviet super beings Kosmos, Rodina, and Ursa Major confront the US Navy blockade after US intelligence services report construction of nuclear missile launch facilities in Cuba. Banner, Shooting Star, and the original Justice volunteer to assist US Navy, but Defense Department turns them back because they have no training and are considered "loose cannons." US threatens nuclear retaliation. Super beings from around the world arrive over Cuba, and fight over misunderstanding. When Mjolnir forces them to admit they all have the same agenda (ending the confrontation), they band together, defeat the three Soviet heroes, and throw the missiles in to the sea. Found Gaian League. Suicide of Marilyn Monroe.

President John Kennedy on Castro

The Cuba Missile Crisis

Listen to the 1960 Speech of Malcolm X here!

Malcolm X - Speech 1960 - Mohammad Speaks

His speech if one can notice was a mixture of both Christianity and seemed to have some a little ties this Islam but indeed not noticed here.

Mohammad Speaks

By D?Anne Burley

The daughter of the Late Dan Burley

All the original papers, publications and other material from The Honorable Elijah Mohammad?s teaching were gone, not kept, I always wonder why? From the year 1947 until 1962 by father Dan Burley, Managed and Edited the publication, while others lied and took credit later for his work.
The articles were the speeches for the Honorable Elijah Mohammad who created the true Empire, he took men and women who were in prison and gave them hope, had them learn respect, taught them responsbility, and how to love their families, using a blend of Christianity and parts of the Q'uran.
Elijah Poole, had a dream, a dream to establish a nation within a nation that was not respectful that Blacks, that used Black?s to develop industries, and to maintain what America was to be, but never once giving any respect to those who loss their lives to the hatred fuel by groups like the KKK and others who were placed here to create chaos and division as the conspiracy?s given to them via the Mason Orders out of the Middle East, the size that they were under was that of the half moon, the order that caused men like Ross out of Virginia and others to make the KKK a name that would strike fear in each and every Black person. It broke there ability to react to being harmed. Many blacks over the age of 60 recall what happened to their love ones down south, one of my friends told me his father was stuck in the back with a pitch folk, because someone white told him he was seizing his land. So Elijah Poole, knew, and wanting his people to have rights in America.
The Garvey movement was sabotaged, by the government, blacks then accepted their fate, many others refused and fought back. This was the movement which started before the 60's but was because there was media, a media my father bought forth within all his writings. He had a audience worldwide, he gave them a platform., more than any other writer could.
But he posed a threat to those who were afraid of Blacks moving up and being hear too much people like Hoover, they had a F.B.I. filed on him, I was told this by a Muslim Sister who knew the whose within the nation. They were watched and some were sent in to take charge and control of the movement special goverment op?s, who looked black but who serviced another role. They were hired to watch and report back on the Negro!

A Speech by The Honorable Elijah Mohammad

When U.S. spy planes discovered the weapons in October 1962, Kennedy ordered a naval blockade of Cuba and contemplated invading the island itself ? a fight that might have triggered a nuclear World War III. Instead, the Soviets backed down and agreed to pull out their missiles, in exchange for the United States' promise to remove its own nukes from Turkey.

The successful outcome of that crisis, however, created what Kennedy and Castro both saw as a window of opportunity. Even as the CIA continued to foment murder plots and train exiled paramilitaries in the Florida swamps for a Bay of Pigs sequel, Kennedy and a few close advisers secretly had begun pondering the possibility of a rapprochement with Castro. They hoped to persuade the Cuban leader to leave the Soviet orbit and become an independent, nonaligned leader ? like, say, Marshal Tito in Yugoslavia.

Major Deaths Before and thereafter

Date of Birth: June 1, 1926 - August 4, 1962

Lets look into the list of the dead here

Man Who Loved Me

Dan Burley's Friends and People who knew him

Hi, I was hospitalized but I am back! and here is my report to the Chicago Scandals, go to my blogger site and read my view of what I think is going on, and its more on the edge of smoke and mirrors to gain control of Chicago's Democratic Machine
so that those factions seeking more and more support for the way of the Republican party can get the major votes out of the city of Chicago. It's a game of corruption and power play being skillfully done with connection that may lead back into Washington DC. Please read this report. click here to enter my blogger
What if

Come Listen to our Discussion about this issue on

Monday Night at 6pm central time listen here!..





Security forces could employ the weapon to overcome resistance without resorting to force, their paramount aim. But experts warn that the effects of prolonged exposure are unknown.
The army employed the new device, which it dubbed "The Scream," at a recent violent demonstration by Palestinians and Jewish sympathizers against Israel's West Bank separation barrier.
Protesters covered their ears and grabbed their heads, overcome by dizziness and nausea, after the vehicle-mounted device began sending out bursts of audible, but not loud, sound at intervals of about 10 seconds. An Associated Press photographer at the scene said that even after he covered his ears, he continued to hear the sound ringing in his head.
A military official said the device emits a special frequency that targets the inner ear. Exposure for several minutes at close range could cause auditory damage, but the noise is too intolerable for people to remain in the area for that long, he said. You can read the full article on: Israel Uses Sound Weapon

Illinois Highwaymen


- What is with all this Corruption and why does the U.S. Justice Dept and the U.S> Attorney Investigate these Cases in Chicago and within Illinois - The Highway Robbery of Citzens within Illinois goes without investigation!(Are they being operated by Trolls? connected back to a complex located in Downers Grove Illinois which cost Millions of dollars to build, whereby tollway workers lives are placed at risk to unsafe conditions, and truckers are charged so much the cost of goods and services will have to go up causing the consumer more money out of their pocket! but in addition where is all this money going? Look at Chicago Schools, the Issue of Major cuts to Mental Healthcare whereby citzens can not get any help you their love ones because the State Cut off Funding at least two or three Governors ago, but more and more money pours in but its not enough! How about the parties and special trips a few years ago that the tollway officials got caught about. Was that money returned to the public? Were the Officals involved charged over 300 times the amount stolen? but instead the people traveling the roads have to be the ones who pay the cost of corruption!)And what does this say about our Governors past and present?

Go to my blogger and read about all the current and past law suits filed against Illinois Highway Authorities, what the public thinks and the outrageous charges 80 cent will get you $120 dollars or more and you have no rights its another expartee one sided hearing setup for you to lose and give more money to those involved in cirruption. READ ON: Illinois Highway Authority Corruption in Illinois your next maybe next and who is investigating this NO ONE!


What those in other Countries Feel about the Courts and Michael Jackson - Where are you on this issue! Is HE BAD?

By D'Anne Burley

My opinion, well, I ask you, I recalled the issue of this allegation with Roman Pollaski, the Producer/Director of Rose Mary's Baby.... and the guy who made the movie "Powder" - how is the courts ruling in the Jackson case, will it be right and fair? And what again about the Mother Who allowed her son with Jackson? Why is she allowed to go within investigation? If indeed a Black Person did this by leaving they child with a stranger and yes indeed Jackson was that, a man, none relating to the family for a very long time, I wonder what would have happened to a woman of color in the same type of case, and indeed many blacks understand what I am saying, so how and why has in ok to leave your child without your supervision with a adult man huh? but again this is my opinion, but look at this letter I had received and this tells what those in other countries are feeling






Jackson's Home

June 03, 2005
1. Un-American, Unconstitutional and Undemocratic Jury
On the constitution of the Jury on the trial of Michael Jackson, the Publishers had raised a preliminary objection base issue as to,
a. whether Michael Jackson is not an American, African American and who requires equality of protection and representation or living in America;
b. whether America is not a multi-racial/cultural/ethnic democracy or one of the crown or star leaders of the world democracies;
c. whether the Rights of the Child and Americans are squeezed or limited to state affairs or would not be rated as ?SUPREME RIGHTS UNDER SUPREME (FEDERAL) LEGISLATION? or whether the lawmakers in the US have no obligation to Americans to correct un-American, unconstitutional and undemocratic values or civilization;
d. whether the case is not within the barometer of the Rights of the child pursuant to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child including the US Law or Constitution protecting the Rights of the Child notwithstanding the US assent on the universal (UN) part of this law;
e. whether this Jury is exemplary to US value and determination on campaign for equitable justice, freedom and democracy;
f. whether an allegation of child molestation, jury with women majority is not thoroughfare to predetermined conviction;
g. whether the state of jurisdiction is safe for the African Americans or whether the Jury would be fair and impartial if the trial Judge is hot and unfair to an African American; AND
h. finally whether the power of the US federal lawmakers should be swept under the rug in correcting and calling to order the undemocratic, un-American and unconstitutional elements embedded in the structure of the Jury. The Publishers see this deficit as a major erosion on the right to protection before the law and constituted Jury.
2. With uttermost concern, it is conventionally appropriate that constituting Jury in Multicultural/racial/ethnic democratic institution or sovereign nation is different from constituting Jury in other democratic and non-democratic institutions. The Publishers know the judicial system in over 47 states including federal system and the system across these states and federal is inclusive at the rate of about 65%. It is very selfish and un-American outlook for the authority in the within State of jurisdiction to use one racial group to dominate the majority of the membership of the Jury as if the Jury were constituted and seating in Canada, Australia and Defunct Apartheid Regime of South Africa.
3. The constitution of a de facto Jury in Michael Jackson case fails to pass the litmus test and/or define US Multicultural/racial/ethnic democratic institution reason that US is exemplary and undisputed Multicultural/racial/ethnic democratic institution in face of the earth.
4. The domestic and foreign policies and practices of US democracy do not allow defiance of the standing rules and regulations of freedom and democracy. The constitution of inequitable Jury would act as physical and psychological tortures for the accused.
5. Soon as the allegation was aired the first time in the early 90s the Publishers started to follow the pace of the outcomes from stage to stage. The Publishers reviewed several pieces of the legal, social, ethical, moral, economic and political parts of the allegation. To get hold of the entire case without leaving any part untouched, the Publishers did not article the case by piecemeal but persisted in researching and investigating the trend and outcome of the proceedings until the Prosecution and Defence rest their cases including conclusion arguments. The drama which the accusers created is not a new drama because several super stars and rich persons have suffered similar drill.
6. Notwithstanding the outrageous hate by the Canadian media and other institutions against Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and their family, the media in Canada and some media in the US with Canadian actors, have misinformed the world and variously presented Michael Jackson as criminal without the verdict of the Jury and erroneously styled the case in the nature of open fight staged by the Whites against the Blacks. Canadian media and other institutions have represented Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson with all types of indecent pictures and images and called them all kinds of dehumanizing names. Canadian government and its agencies and people believe in laughing and killing and all sort of dangerous pretences and double standards.
7. Initially, the authoritative position of the presiding Judge shocked the world as if the court is Marshal or military tribunal. Medical opinion on the health of Michael Jackson was disrespected and replaced with power drunk and mud throwing to intimidate a Black accused person. The partial syndrome during the beginning of the proceedings maybe used to diagnose the outcome of the trial.
8. The question, which well constituted pre-trial Judge and Jury, would ask is ?what type of case stands before us?? The sorting out of the case determines the direction and focus of the Judge and Jury. The Judge and Jury in this case did not do this homework. If they had done this essential homework, the fact finding interrogatories would be watered down to the following,
a. who is the accused and accuser?
b. is there any proof of conspiracy?;
c. are there linkage, balance and credibility to nail the accused into conspiracy?;
d. is there element of falsehood and contradiction between the accuser, allegation and witnesses?;
e. notwithstanding the assents earned by the law within and outside the trial jurisdictions; are subpara 8 (a), (b), (c) and (d) above capable of securing conviction against the accused;
f. during the monitor of the proceedings, subpara 8 (a), (b), (c) and (d) failed with over 93% stain or contamination margin. If the Jury were well constitution according to judicial civilization of America, 1% stain or contamination margin is sufficient to dismiss entire criminal charges, which are not parallel by the person (accused or accuser). Under the 12 holed planted on the charges, the world was alarmed that the Jury did not grant the Acquittal Motion of the Defence.
g. On use of liquor, the quests at Neverland Valley Ranch are adult and children. Parents/guardians severally accompany children to the Ranch. Some adults and children may have been spoiled with liquors in their homes. Whose responsibility is to control the large resort other than the parents/guardians? How is possible to monitor the movement of each child/adult? A Defence witness testified that she saw some of the kids taking wine from the refrigerators. The most important point in this witness testimony is that the parents/guardians and their children were very free to consume what they found at Neverland Valley Ranch.
h. Heavy punches landed on the case of the Prosecution when the witnesses that they expected to say that they saw Michael Jackson molested or behaved lewdly with the accuser and others, denied that anything inappropriate occurred at Neverland Valley Ranch.
9. Fact and Analysis in brief:
a. About 87 witnesses were slated to testify to enable the Prosecution prove that in February and March 2003, Michael Jackson plied a boy with fluid, which the accuser called ?alcohol? and molested him at his Neverland Valley Ranch.
b. The Defense Attorney Robert Sanger argued in an Acquittal Motion filed Wednesday that the only person tying Michael Jackson to the alleged conspiracy is the accuser's mother and nothing more. From every indication, the credibility of the mother of the accuser is at stake and very questionable. At this point, the accuser?s mother testified that her family was held captive and forced to do certain things including, praising Michael Jackson in a choreographed "rebuttal" video to a controversial TV special about the accused but she moved in and out from the ranch without alerting the police and media.
c. The agents of the Publishers and others in the courtroom failed to believe the mother of the accuser when she testified that all of her statements on the rebuttal video, (?out-takes and offhand remarks?), were merely scripted.
d. The Prosecution did not prepare the lies and train the liars, reason that the ?scripted rebuttal film? is the foundation of the Prosecution's conspiracy theory and manifest. During the testimonial entreaties, the Prosecution?s crown or star witness lied about it and nearly ran into ?open floor tears?.
e. Although the Publishers failed to believe psychologists of face, eyes, and other parts of body as lead to detect crime but the accuser?s mother while she was on the witness stand, she broke into sobs and said that associates of Jackson threatened to abduct her children in a ?hot-air balloon?.
f. The legal definition of a ?conspiracy? was not proved in the entire case because there was no. witness who testified that Michael Jackson agreed with another person to commit a crime or that Michael Jackson agreed with another person to ply a boy with fluid which the accuser called ?alcohol? and molested him at his Neverland Valley Ranch.
g. In all the charges on molestation, the improbability on the weight of the witness testimony from the accuser and his brother is huge downside blow on the case of the Prosecution. The accuser now 15 years old, he testified at trial that Michael Jackson masturbated him inside a bedroom at Neverland. His 14-year-old brother testified that he observed two other molestations as the alleged victim slept but the accuser had already admitted in witness testimony that he gave conflicting dates of when the alleged molestations occurred, and that he also denied the alleged abuse to a school staff. Several other inconsistencies and contradictions were noted in testimony from the accuser?s brother.
h. Prosecutors also exhausted lengthy time to the extent of wasting over 6 days trying to prove without success that Michael Jackson has the interest to molest children.
i. One of the former Neverland employees, who is a 24-year-old Santa Maria Valley man claimed he was groped by Michael Jackson. The 24-year-old man and other witnesses had earlier settled with the Michael Jackson for couple of millions, while on the witness stand they lost focus of the allegations.
j. All the former employees either failed to sue Michael Jackson in the past or tried to sell stories to media or complaint to the Police, relations and friends. If they failed to Complaint to Police and others, litigate and publicize the alleged infraction, abuses and molestation, there is premeditative carriage of bad faith to stage further and further ?hollywood business fortune seeking scenario.? The Santa Maria Times, maintained 100% closure on those who allege they were abused or molested by the accused, even though they are being named in court.
k. The former Jackson associate Rudy Provencio, who testified that alleged Michael Jackson co-conspirators Marc Schaffel and Vincent Amen mentioned that the accuser's family had "escaped" from Neverland in March 2003. He said that the escape was documented in a notebook, but didn't notify police and media.
I. The accuser said that Michael Jackson conspired with at least five (5) others to abduct, falsely imprison and extort the accuser's family but the accuser and his mother failed to raise alarm to the Police, Media and other authorities during several ?to from? the abduction confinement. How is possible to travel to from the abduction hands as jolly ride without alerting the Police, Media and other authorities.
m. The credibility of the accuser?s mother was eroded when investigative interrogatories were drilled into her past conduct from JC Penny to other gold digging adventures. Whether White, Black, Latino, Indian, etc soon as the preys are superstar, rich businessperson and others born with golden spoons, the taste to use this type of case and other cases such as sexual harassment, rape, marriage and other means to take cut from the wealth becomes the binding force.
10. Further Position of the Publishers:
a. The Publishers found that the allegations are ?hollywood social and economic or empire seeking cinematographic scenario? organized and designed from the ?James Bond? and secret service spy network.
c. The uncountable inconsistencies and the improbabilities in subpara Under California law, if prosecutors are able to show a defendant likely molested others in the past - even if never charged or convicted - jurors are able to consider that as a factor in their deliberations.
d. The Defense destroyed the credibility of each of the Prosecution witnesses and planted over 12 large destructive holes with over 93% stain or contamination margin. If the Jury were well constitution according to judicial democracy and civilization of America,1% stain or contamination margin is sufficient to dismiss the entire charges.
e. In face of paragraphs 1 to 9 above, the world is alarmed and put on doubts that the presiding Judge/Jury did not grant the Acquittal Motion of the Defence and that the Judge who is unfair to the accused or an African American would without iota of doubts influence the deliberation and verdict of the Jury.
f. Any conviction of the charges be appealed immediately on the foregoing grounds.
Articled/Published by:
Phillip Ofume, Ph.D. Chair, Notional & International Policy Research Council and Head, Law Reform and Litigation Council
Godson Etiebet, Ph.D.
Researcher, (Policy/Good Government) National and International Policy Research Council Coordinator, Europe Section, Switzerland
Tan Ochollu, D.Lit. Principal Researcher, (Strategic Development) National and International Policy Research Council Director of Asia Project
Reid MacDonald, Ph.D.
Coordinator, North America Section
Francois Bourgeois/Pierre Bushel International Human Rights Watch and Democracy - St. Etienne, France
Send Comment to: for Europe Section
P. O. Box 25153 Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada B3M 4H4 Phone: (902) 832-3559 Fax: (902) 832-3558 E-mail:

Giuliana Conforto -Organic Universe Part "2" featuring Mike Katz as Host - Begining his program series called "The Conscious Awareness Hour
Which will explore the issues of Physic's, Our Planet and the world wwe are today in our spiritual condition.

Racism is this a "FACT"

in American Hospitals?

By D'Anne Burley

As many know the issue of healthcare in America, has turned into a political nightmare and a nightmare for many American's. But there is at least three levels of care received, as least three levels, One is for those who have money, power and clout whose insurance covers everything, the point here is as I have been in hospitals within the Chicago-land area I have seem that if indeed you have the top line coverage and the hospitals and doctors know that once they bill your insurance they will receive all the money that they request, then you are indeed treated and receive the best medicine, research and it seems all the things you need to keep alive. If on this level your insurance gets cut then you will experience the lower levels of healthcare but still at a better level than those of us who have insurance coverage via HMO's, PPO's and or State run and controlled insurance which pays penny's to the hospital and doctors for your healthcare, because they don't have the money with in these programs to provide the cost of the medicine needed to keep you alive!
Then you become a "AT RISK PATIENT"<

based on the fact that you lack the financial means to pay and or to be able to meet the requirements of those in the healthcare industry to keep there door open.
Many Doctors are in denial of this issue because it becomes a open attack on the fact they are not giving their all to all patience based on insurance, therefore if you go into the hospital like I did just last night you are kicked to the curb and told their is nothing wrong with you because they checked your insurance and found that either your coverage will not pay for your stay and or that you are someone of color whose life is more at risk because of the obvious lack of concern because African American's and others at very low on the pole in receiving good care.

My care has become a nightmare, because of the hospitals not providing care because of insurance and or the type of insurance, or the fact of the matter that I am a Black person in the Millennium who is seeking the same rights and care as everyone else who comes in.

Now, I will admit that I do have a few excellent doctors one being one of the top ion her field and another who is a general medicine doctor who cares about his patients but indeed again the issue is that Blacks have very horrific healthcare available to them its indeed a nightmare.
In my case, I was in a hospital in DuPage County Illinois one of the many I have gone to in the past, I came in because I had problems breathing, chest pains, swelling in my legs and feet, and could not sleep. This was the second time in this hospital within the week, the other time was due to an drug reaction which cause my mouth to swell three times its normal size, and my eyes to burned and rashes to appear on my skin, this was from drugs which were to harsh for my system, but once in the hospital I was admitted, I had to forced them to let me stay for a few days longer because I had this problem still in my system. Even on leaving I was still sick but from what I am gathering my insurance refuse to cover any longer who I was discharged.
What followed as still problems the same type, and issues related to the retention of fluid in my body, a condition that had cause me to gain lots of weight.

I was so sick, with this as in the past because the hospital will not complete care so that you can recover fully I came home ill and got sick again just as before, the swelling, the fluid, problems with breathing all came right back.

But while in the hospital I noticed that non-Africa America patients were receiving better care, longer stays and more assistance, it is like Blacks are being left to die, without any care and or assistance other than by attempting to get some relief from the ER which in the past provided much of the care for Blacks but now because of the "CUTS IN HEALTHCARE, made in Springfield by our current Governor the Nightmare of Healthcare in looming in a much worse condition than ever before.

Again, you can call until you face turns blue but they will not do anything other than refer and refer so that they are taken out of the loop and their office is not questioned on what is going on within Illinois and its healthcare system.

In addition, our Governor

pass a law to limit class action lawsuits again because of this he is falling in line with our President who has done the same, both men either do not have a clue to what is happening within hospitals and doctors offices because of poor care and or the lobbyist who are supporting their campaign dollars are making sure that they get the right to control vis our justice system the rights of American's to sue if indeed they're life is place at risk before of faulty healthcare within these facilities. And indeed those in the Whitehouse and those within Illinois government are making a very clear statement to what side they are on.

You see my anger stems from just being in the hospital and being kicked out and now having to go tonight into another hospital whereby the doctor told me that they would do what they can to help me, my point is why did I have to do this? I was in a hospital near to where I live, and now I had to go my car to another one because the one I was just in rejected me, in fact they loss my records the last time on my blood work! So again its bad, but at the same time I was in the room with a white woman who had no problem they were indeed treating her and she had been there for what seemed to be a long time, they were making sure she left in good health, in my case, a patient who came to them with congestive heart failure I was kicked out why?

But then there is the case of my programs co-hot Mike Katz whose daughter was anorexia,

his daughter had this condition for 4 yrs! all of a sudden a report came to DFS against him and his family because his daughter weight only 76 pounds

and he was charged with medical neglect,SO HOW DOES A NON DOCTOR AND SOMEONE WITHOUT A MEDICAL BACKGROUND BECOMES NEGLECTFUL BECAUSE THE HOSPITAL HE GOES TO FOR HELP DENIES ACCESS TO CARE BECAUSE OF INSURANCE COVERAGE, THEREFORE IS IT NOT THE HOSPITAL AND INSURANCE COMPANIES DCSF SHOULD BE OUT TO INVESTIGATE,but instead its good to go after the parents for neglect because the STATE Makes more money! the facts are that Mike and his wife took his daughter to the hospital countless numbers of times during the 4 yrs and then his PPO would not pay his daughters hospital bills, his daughter was kicked to the curbs as well, then just months ago the DCFS charge him with something he has no power over being medical neglectful because how can you do this when the hospitals refuse care because of insurance? The DCFS sent him over 200 pages in a court brief, but the DCFS will not look into the lack of care within Hospitals why? are they not doing this because they also have lobbyist involved in their funding?

then while I was around Mike told me that the hospital after the DCFS investigation which is still alive, told him that they would have his daughter treated, NOW THEY CLAIM THAT HIS INSURANCE RAN OUT AND HIS DAUGHTER CAN NOT EVEN GO TO THE OUT_PATIENT Program because he has no money, so why was he charged in this or was it because he has been involved in my program, a program those to be don?t like having on because I am spilling the beans on major corruption not only in Illinois but all over the nation!

His daughter was 76 pounds once she fell in the hospital ER they gave her some drugs that bought her weight up to 112 lbs in less than one month! If they have this drug why are they not giving it to all who have this disease. In this case Mike is white but it shows what they do and to whom.

As I am writing this within a near-by library because I was indeed released without concern about my health for the DuPage County Hospital, I just wanted you folks to look at this and realize that the healthcare in this country stinks and those involved in it being this way are more concerned about powerful lobbyist being taken care of and not the public, in fact it seems that they don't care if you vote for them or not because they know they will get back into office because they do have the dollars behind them so what on earth do we have other than us uniting together and making them accountable to all of us and not just those who are their bankrollers!

And yes indeed their is a difference by color, and who you are on how they will treat you because its a major issue look at how many African Americans are dying today in hospitals and guess why!

To date I have had over 70 x-rays and MRI's because this the hospital knows can be billed without question, if you say no they may kick you out and or do like they do to me connect me to tubes connected to NOTHING because if they do anything for me the isurance carrier will not pay it!, so once in I get no treatment and any importances, this happened to my children they also came into the hospital with border line and or pneumia they did nothing for any of them in the area hospitals- NOTHING why because of Insurance! one child was only 5 months and other other was 4 yrs old. It's outragous! and if you complain they do nothing! Nor do the governing agencies because they are connected to lobbyist paying their campaign funds!


Medical Alert

Danger Are Doctors and Hospitals

making sure that we are not Getting Well, by giving us

the wrong medication?


Death Rates From Prescription Drugs Explode at the Beginning of Each Month

Go to the full article here:Full Article about Death by Perscriptions
According to research, deaths attributed to medication errors rise by as much as 25 percent above normal in the first few days of every month. This study is the first to document a beginning-of-the-month boost in deaths associated with mistakes in prescription drugs.
The Problem
The primary culprit behind these death rates: A beginning-of-the-month increase in pharmacy workloads and a consequential increase in their error rates. To offer a further explanation of this occurrence, one sociologist stated, "Government assistance payments to the old, sick and the poor are typically received at the beginning of each month. Because of this, there is a beginning-of-the-month spike in purchases of prescription medications."
However, further findings suggest otherwise.
Researchers examined all United States death certificates from 1970 to 2000 to analyze some 131,000 deaths caused by fatal poisoning accidents from drugs. They found that a small number (3 percent) of the deaths were from adverse effects of the right drug taken at the right dose, while the majority of deaths (97 percent) resulted from medication errors:
* Wrong dose given or taken * Accidental overdose of a drug * A drug taken inadvertently
It was also discovered that the beginning-of-the-month spike in deaths was apparent in the young and well as in the elderly and poor, indicating the problem is partially due to pharmacy error.
(The study did not include specific clinical information regarding prescription type, dosage or days supply, nor did it include deaths associated with overdose of street drugs or from intentional poisoning.)
The Solution
In order to reduce the medication-error death rate researchers recommended:
* Pharmacies to consider increasing staffing levels at the beginning of each month * Government officials to consider spreading assistance payments out over the entire month, rather than the beginning * Both patients and clinical staff to make a special effort to check the accuracy of their prescriptions at the beginning of each month
Science Daily January 6, 2005
Dr. Mercola's Comment:
These shocking statistics coupled with the recent news concerning Vioxx and Celebrex are clear reasons why everyday more people are embracing my vision to transform the existing drug-based, "Band-Aid" style paradigm.
Nearly the entire modern health care system is responsible for allowing countless unnecessary surgical procedures, drugs and errors, such as prescription drug fatalities, to occur.
That is why it is important for you to understand one of the important principles in resolving your illness is to focus on finding the underlying cause of the problem and then seeking to understand so you can resolve it by addressing its cause. What many people do not realize is that it is possible to maintain total health by avoiding unnecessary drugs and by gaining a comprehensive, clear and researched understanding of good nutrition and proper lifestyle choices. There are a number of ways to achieve optimal health (without the use of harmful drugs) that seem to hold true for all people:
General Guidelines to Avoiding Drug-Dependency and Staying Healthy
* Eliminate sugar and most grains * Eating unprocessed, high-quality foods, organic if possible, right for your metabolic type * Eating your food as close to raw as possible * Consuming omega-3 fish or cod liver oil * Exercising regularly
Moreover, if you want to take a major step toward improving you and your family's health without the burden of relying on drugs, I urge you to consider getting a copy of the Total Health Program. This how-to book goes into much greater detail about the proven health strategies you can use to gain higher levels of health
Therefore, I encourage you to join me in my mission to transform the conventional medical paradigm to one that is authentically dedicated to listening to the patients' concerns and expressing commitment to their health and well being.
While there are still many lessons to be learned before the conventional medical community will be functioning at the level it needs to be (a level that addresses the health of a person before they get sick and instills the necessary means to prevent disease, rather than the means to treat disease with drugs), I believe we are already making a difference.
Just like the writing on the Berlin wall, the drug companies' wall is clearly starting to deteriorate -- and it won't be a moment too soon.

 printable article Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Some prescription drugs could contribute to sudden cardiac death, study shows A study conducted in the Netherlands has found antibiotics, antipsychotic drugs and those used to treat nausea and vomiting may contribute to sudden deaths due to their ability to interfere with the heartbeat. These drugs are thought to have contributed to 1200 deaths a year in Britain, 320 a year in the Netherlands and 15,000 in the U.S. and Europe as a whole. The study examined the records of 500,000 people who had died from 1993 to 2003, and showed individuals taking these drugs were three times as likely to suffer sudden cardiac death. Although the findings are significant, Bruno Stricker, the study?s senior author, said the results should be looked at in perspective; it is reasonable to expect one or two sudden cardiac deaths a year in a population of a thousand in most Western countries. Drug safety experts believe identifying people at risk is a better method of protection than removing valuable drugs from the market.

* DRUGS prescribed to patients for a range of conditions may be responsible for as many as 1,200 sudden deaths a year in Britain.
* Antibiotics, antipsychotic drugs and those used to treat nausea and vomiting may all be involved because they have the ability to interfere with the electrical activity that controls the heartbeat.
* The alarm was sounded by a study in the Netherlands that found that patients taking these drugs had nearly three times the risk of sudden cardiac death.
* By extrapolation, that equates to 1,200 deaths a year in Britain and 15,000 deaths in Europe and the US as a whole.
* The Dutch study, published in European Heart Journal, looked at all deaths between 1995 and 2003 in a population of half a million people from 150 general practices nationally for whom complete medical records are kept.
* The analysis showed that people using a range of different drugs, all known to influence the heart, were nearly three times as likely to suffer sudden cardiac death.
* The drugs targeted in the study are those known to prolong the QT interval, the time the heart takes for its lower chambers to activate and deactivate. * Among those included in the Dutch study, several have been withdrawn, discontinued or suspended in Britain.
* Cisapride, for example, used to treat heartburn, was suspended in 2000 by the Committee on Safety of Medicines after it had been linked with at least 125 sudden deaths around the world. * Bruno Stricker, the study's senior author, from the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam, said that, although the findings were significant, it was important to keep them in proportion. * It was increased among users of gastro-intestinal medication and anti-psychotics, and the risk also tended to be higher among women than men and among older patients.

Are you being over X-RAY'ed and or MRI'ed in Hospital ER's?

On the Issue of X-rays

Prolonged overexposure most typically leads to cancer.
It's a lot more complicated than that of course but it's a good simple answer.
X-rays are a type of "ionising" radiation, which means they can ionise molecules (Since you are doing chemistry I assume you know what "ionise" means?). In a biological system like the human body most of the action takes place due to the work of molecules called proteins. Proteins are very large molecules which perform functions using their shape and molecular structure to change or transport other molecules. The special shape of a protein is mostly due to the way it is "folded" up around itself, and this folding and shape depends on the distribution of electrical charge along the molecule. For example, a hydrogen atom bound to the end of a molecule will tend to bind with a more "ionic" type of bond and so the end of the molecule looks like it has a lone positive proton (the core of the hydrogen) sticking out - so the end of the molecule looks like it has a positive charge. If you knock an electron off a molecule (ionise the molecule) you will change the charge distribution and that will change the way the protein is folded and that will probably make the protein "broken" - it wont be able to do its job anymore.
To sum up so far: X-rays ionise molecules (including proteins), and this can make the molecules not function properly anymore.
If you do this in a cell, the cell will just repair the broken molecule by building a new one using the blueprint stored in the DNA (a very huge protein in the nucleus).

But what if the X-rays have ionised the DNA? The blueprint will be broken! Fortunately cells have 2 copies of the DNA and can repair the broken copy - unless there is a lot of X-rays and both copies get broken at the same time.
When the DNA is broken, usually the cell just functions poorly for the rest of it's life or it dies and is replaced by another cell. But occasionally the DNA is not just broken but it gets broken and is fixed incorrectly by the cell so the message is scrambled. Instead of the DNA saying "Rule 10: this cell will reproduce every 25 days" the scrambled message says "Rule 10: this cell will reproduce 2 every 5 days". So what you get is a cell which keeps reproducing itself very rapidly. Unfortunately this is the definition of cancer. So to sum up now: X-rays ionise molecules which the cell can fix and sometimes X-rays ionise DNA which the cell can fix except sometimes the DNA message gets scrambled and the cell turns into cancer.

So you usually don't get organ "damage" from X-rays, but the more exposed you are, the more likely it is that you will end up with cancer somewhere down the track.

Genocide What You Did Not Know!

The Silent Genocide from America

Mohammed Daud Miraki, MA, MA, PhD
Director Afghan DU & Recovery Fund
When Bush jr. said, "we will smoke them out?" he lived up to his promise, making life an unattainable reality for the unborn and unsustainable reality for the living sentencing the Afghan people and their future generations to a predetermined death sentence.
"After the Americans destroyed our village and killed many of us, we also lost our houses and have nothing to eat. However, we would have endured these miseries and even accepted them, if the Americans had not sentenced us all to death. When I saw my deformed grandson, I realized that my hopes of the future have vanished for good, different from the hopelessness of the Russian barbarism, even though at that time I lost my older son Shafiqullah. This time, however, I know we are part of the invisible genocide brought on us by America, a silence death from which I know we will not escape." (Jooma Khan of Laghman province, March 2003)
These words were uttered by an aggrieved Afghan grandfather, who saw his own and that of others' familial extinction at the hands of the United States of America and her allies. Another Afghan, who also saw his demise, said:
"I realized this slow, yet certain death, when I saw blood in my urine and developed severe pain in my kidneys along with breathing problems I never had before. Many of my family members started to complain from confusion and the pregnant women miscarried their babies while others gave birth to disabled infants" (Akbar Khan from Paktika province, February 2003)
The perpetuation of the perpetual death in Afghanistan continues with the passage of each day. Every day, people see the silent death striking their families and friends, hopeless and terrified at the sight of the next funeral in their minds' eyes. This indiscriminate murder of the Afghan people continues while those, whose tax money paid for the monstrous weapons and brought about this genocide pretend as though all is well. The horrific pictures of those dying--whose bodies do not correlate to their age since they have internalized so much uranium dust that it impacted the morphology of their bodies--remain in the memories of those still living who are fearfully waiting for their turn of disaster. The pregnant women are afraid from giving birth to babies--horrified to see a deformity instead of a healthy child. This is the legacy of the US "liberation", an indiscriminate murder of the weak and the unarmed that do not have any means of self-defense. In fact, there is no defensive measure against such Weapons of Mass Destruction because these deadly particles of uranium oxide--the dust formed after uranium pulverizes upon impacting a target--remain in soil, water and cover the surface of vegetation for generations to come.
When a US bomb or that of her allies landed on an Afghan village or town, the land and its people have become part of the deadly legacy of silent death. This death sentence is different from any other type because in this type death sentence all the people, their land and future generations are condemned to an inescapable genocide. The tragedy that makes this state of affairs so dreadful is the unavoidably invisible threat that targets everyone indiscriminately. Moreover, the threat has become endemic to the fiber of existence, contaminated the land, water and its inhabitants. In fact, when Bush jr. said, "we will smoke them out?" he lived up to his promise, making life an unattainable reality for the unborn and unsustainable reality for the living, hence, sentencing Afghan people and their future generations to a predetermined death sentence.
The true extent of this disaster is unfolding as time goes by. In light of the continuous revelations about the quantity and types of weapons used in Afghanistan, the worse has not fully materialized. Everyday, US AC 130 gunships, A-10s and B 52s bomb Afghan villages and towns at each turn when a unit of US troops encounter resistance. Consequently, not only, the perpetual death continues but rather, every round of depleted uranium is one additional nail in the collective coffin of the Afghan people.
The usage of great number of munitions and armaments dropped by US jets resulted in upsurge of various health problems weeks into 2002. This pattern is different from that experienced by the Iraqi after the first Gulf War where it took years for many of the birth defects, deformities and other health conditions to surface. This points to the enormity of uranium weapons used in Afghanistan, a fact, illustrated by many investigators world wide, notably Dai Williams in England, and Dr. Durakovic from the Uranium Medical Research Center in Canada, and Dr. Marc Herald in the United States among others. Furthermore, various international newspapers and media outlets notably Le Monde Diplomatique, Guardian, Frontier Post, BBC, CBC, Al Jazeera among others have reported the types of weapon systems used against Afghan targets--villages, towns--and mountain cave complexes. According to the BBC (April 10, 2002), more than 6600 J-dam bombs were dropped on Afghanistan. On October 2002, Boston Globe also reported:
"In contrast with older weapons, the new generation finds its way with advances such as target-elevation data and satellite signals. The JDAM already has proven itself in Afghanistan. By February [2002], commanders had dropped 6,600 JDAMs, consultants estimate - so many that stockpiles ran low and officials had to scramble up more production from a Missouri factory."
By October 2002, the first anniversary of US invasion of Afghanistan, more than 10000 tons of bombs landed on Afghan soil. (Socialist Worker Online, October 11, 2002) Imagine the magnitude of carnage and contamination caused by such barbarism. While another report by Kate Randall on December 2001, put the number of US bombed dropped at 12000:
"Since the US launched the war on Afghanistan October 7, more than 12,000 US bombs have been dropped on the country. According to the Pentagon, about 60 percent of these bombs have been precision-guided by satellite or laser technology. However, many of these bombs?dropped by B-52s and other aircraft from tens of thousands of feet in the air?have strayed off course, hitting civilian targets." (WSWS, December 29, 2001)
In another report, a year after September 11, 2001, Matt Kelley of the Associated Press put the US munitions statistics as follows:
"U.S. and coalition airplanes have conducted more than 21,000 flights over Afghanistan, dropping more than 20,000 munitions. About 60 percent of the ordnance dropped on Afghanistan has been precision guided, the highest percentage in any conflict."
Similarly the Guardian reported on April 10, 2002:
"More than 22,000 weapons - ranging from cruise missiles to heavy fuel-air bombs - have been dropped on the country over the past six months?. US pilots dropped more than 6,600 joint direct attack munitions (J-dams), the satellite-guided bombs? One in four bombs and missiles dropped by the US on Afghanistan may have missed its target"
The new generations of hard target weapons whose warheads are made of dense metal have contributed to the heavy contamination of land, water and general population.
The following munitions have been deployed in bombing the poorest country of the world, Afghanistan:
Smart Bombs
Guided Missiles
GBU-15 Y AGM-86D CALCM Y BLU-97B cluster bomb Y GBU-24 Y AGM-130C Y GBU-27 Y AGM-142 Hav Nap Y GBU-28 B/B Y AGM-154C JSOW 154 P GBU-31 JDAM Y AGM-158 JASSM P GBU-32 JDAM Y BGM-109 Tactical Tomahawk P GBU-37 B/B Y Storm Shadow / SCALP P SSB P
Y = reported use P = prototype testing expected The patent information of many of these munitions point to the usage of dense metal--depleted uranium, non-depleted uranium, or Tungsten, the latter is not likely since it costs more and is difficult to manufacture. Tungsten is more expensive than depleted uranium, which is in abundance. The world uranium industry has over one million tons of depleted uranium to dispose of. Tungsten is also difficult to manufacture because is 1.75 times harder than uranium and tungsten has a much higher melting point, (U = 1132 Celsius, W = 3422 Celsius). Moreover, depleted uranium is also effective as incendiary device since it burns fiercely in air. As incendiary weapon, it could ignite munitions inside tanks and burn underground weapon and fuel storage facilities and would serve effective in destroying chemical and biological agents in underground facilities. The suitability of uranium whether depleted or non-depleted is further reinforced by the claims of the Uranium Medical Research Center (UMRC):
"By the DOD?s own admission, the best performing metal that consistently fits these functional military profiles is uranium and alloys of uranium. Titanium and tungsten are not suitable as the prime alloy base for these purposes. Uranium (whether NDU or DU) offers unique structural features and the chemistry best suited for the defeat of deep, bunkerized targets, multiple types of targets in area denial munitions, and penetrating composite ceramic and metal armoured [sic] targets."
"Uranium can be engineered to be "self-sharpening" so that when it hits a target, it retains its punching point as material erodes off the warhead (titanium and tungsten will not do this). Uranium?s molecular structure can re-formed, using metallurgical and "nano-technologies" to deliver a selected range of ballistic features, including kinetic, thermal, pyrophoric, liquid metal and high-pressure/high-heat, plasma effects. Uranium is a readily available metal, cheap to produce and is in abundance in DOE?s, DOD?s and their weapon?s contractors? stockpiles."
Based on these favorable military characteristics including low cost, it is logical to use uranium than tungsten. With this mind, the following patent information would further shed light on the composition of these DU based munitions: These extracts are from the works of renowned independent DU researcher Dai Williams
"Patent 6389977 (Shrouded Aerial Bomb) clearly identifies Depleted Uranium as an intended design option for the hard target guided bombs most widely used in Afghanistan - upgraded versions of the 2,000 lb. BLU-109/B hard target warhead with the AUP-116 advanced penetrator. These include versions of the GBU-15, 24 and 31 and the AGM-130C."
In light of the advantages of uranium over tungsten, exploring the following US patent table should further put to rest any doubts about the deadly composition of those weapons that turned Afghanistan uninhabitable wasteland.
The extracts in the following table are presented by Dai Williams and could be on the following web-site
You can read the full report by going to: Afgan Genocide

Mohammed Daud Miraki, MA, MA, PhD Director Afghan DU & Recovery Fund Bank Account: TCF Bank 5516 N. Clark Street Chicago, IL 60640 (773) 506-4301 Bank Account Number: 9866355842 Routing Number: 271972572

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Sgt Dennis Kyne and the Issue of DU's and our Military the Untold Truth!"

Sgt. Dennis Kyne speaks out about the poisoning of our troops overseas

The issue this that our Troops are being poisoned as are the Iraqi people and many within the Middle East because of the Amount of Radiation in the air and in the water. Sgt Dennis Came back to attemp to tell all to the people in the US who are not knowledge of the "New Cycle of Death That is Killing and Deforming many around the World!, There are many children of our military being born deformed and many of these men will not live past the age of 50 without having cancer and or worse diseases because of the exposure. Why is our goverment not telling us the truth?


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We have been invaded all ready We Have No Constitutional Rights and the Courts Will Not be Able to Uphold Our Rights Due to the Corruption and Lack of Investigation of Treason within the Walls of the White House!

Now we have the Issue of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid of Nev., speaking out today about the rule set to change the right for a filibuster, which help to maintain a balance in House and Senate, We will discuss on this program more on the issues of the laws, and our rights like the Jerri Schavio case becoming more real because of the lack of Justice in America and that the Senator and the House can do anything without anyone's dispute other than those within the White house who are in control of everything, and how these laws can be set into motion with only one party control.

We wll also be discussing the Issue of Corruption in Illinois by the Highway Authorities in a scam to rob citzens the right to fight within a legal court system incorrect ticket violations.
Then We will talk about DCFS and why those within the office of Atty General Lisa Madigan refuse to take complains from Whistle blowers (i.e. myself in the case of civil rights abuse in Illinois and misconduct my state and local officials.


This is an open Letter to Judge Lefkow and other Judges who are Elected Officials who are at alleged ?RISK? due to there Judicial Rulings.....
Please note the record and please think of your responsibility,
Indeed I am very sorry that Judge Lefkow?s family were murdered, and the hands of unknown and known assailants. I use this term because there are still questions to who was the second man, and questions about known evidence out of Wisconsin?s coroners office which makes it unclear to who Bart A Ross was really, based on there test results and other evidence about this man and his illness which was not found within this report dealing with his surgery and dental records which had included the allegation of a implant of a radiative device to relief cancer.
According the coroner who I spoke to some time ago there was no evidence of any cancer in Mr. Ross?s face or body. And no implant, then there was a second man seem and stated within alleged facts which again seemed to be removed and not investigated but again this is not why I am writing this I am writing about injustice within America?s Court Systems and now with this request at the national capital you are seeking to remove more and more constitution rights to freedom of speak and freedom to speak out about injustice within the court system that you are a member of.
As you are indeed aware of within the Hale case, and again others that were before you in US District Court, your rule and decision was taken to the Appellate Court because there was question in your ruling. In these cased Judge Lefkow, the higher court receded on your ruling and in these cases it was interesting that in the Hale case your rule seemed not to be against him but the rule that came back was overturned at the ligher court making you change your orders in the Hale case.
These cases as you know in many cases are indeed life and death decisions therefore you are placing the ?PUBLIC? more at risk to being victimized within the courts by requesting that the public not have the right to state that there is indeed a issue within some of the courts with Judges Rules by asking for the removal of the basic rights of the votes to speak out about decisions and rules that are wrong and or in the line of touching on the issue of crossing over to ?GREYLORD? which indeed happened right within Illinois courts which lead to the arrest of many Judges and the cleaning up the court systems.
You are also aware that there has been many scandals within the Courts about Judges who had taken BRIBES and other gifts in ruling and indeed they were in the pass arrested but now it seems that the public only has the right to attempt to file a appeal and hope that there will see the error within Judiciary ruling to correct a persons civil rights. And again your husband who was involved within the Civil Rights cause was involved in going back to Dr. King and others.
There are many cases within Illinois that are being ruled on Expartee and those members within the Judiciary system are not doing their ?JOB? to resolve under the articles of the Constitutions whereby their basic civil rights of the public have been violated and without recourse.
Please note that there were cases of many Africa Americans who can not have rights and have complaint of Civil Rights abuse within Illinois Courts that they can not have their voices heard, and a gag order which you are seeking again violations the rights again of more and more blacks because they are speaking out as are many who had rules and hearing in which the judges rule without allowing evidence of both sides and or may act in CONFLICT OF INTEREST as what happened with Judge Holderman and his wife who worked within the law firm who represented Edgewater Hospital, that could have cause a tainted ruling. If there was no press this case would have been still before him, and again this was CONFLICT OF INTEREST which never should of happened but does because of the power that Judgeships hold without what will now be recourse by the public.
This is what happened in Nazi Germany whereby the Judges were involved in ruling on cases controlled by the Nazi party, whereby those who had opposition to there rules ended up in death camps or in mental hospitals later removed as a part of the master plan.
In reading this you will not see this because just maybe you are indeed to close to the issue of corruption that is current and on going within the judiciary process and that when there are rulings whereby those seeking legal remedy are told they have no addition rights to bring the matter back into the courts and that they are being removed from seeking recourse within cases of injustice which indeed are happening within the Courts all around America.
Again you are a Civil Servant, appointed and elected into office at the hands of either the people and or the President of the United States who is again another elected official who should be involved in what the people within the nation wants not just what is good for his political ties.
So please in respect to this please rethink what the public you serve are indeed upset about and the many, many, victims of Judiciary ruling who years later get out of prison because of questions of Judges not looking into all the facts or DNA evidence being introduce years later.
Judges hold the balance but also within there hands life and death and one incorrect decision can cause a person to go to prison and now they can not speak out, they can have no voice, nothing because you are attempting to take this basic right away.
I recall that there was a Judge within Skokie Courts who ruled on a traffic matter, a matter which was a very simple parking ticket, dealing with environmental Civil Rights Activist, he was Jewish, he spoke out in court after going within the courts many times on this matter and being charge outrageous fines, this man was killed and crushed by Sheriff?s who acted on the behalf of the Judge when this man made a verbal statement within this Judges Court Room. The man?s mother a school teacher was a victim like yourself, because the sheriff?s acted as a ACTOR within the court and by the hands of the Judge who order them to take care of this man. He was crushed to death, his mother was not allowed to go to him, he was placed in another room and she was not allow to go with him in the emergency vehicle. And nothing happened to this Judge, but again the public needed to know this so that they could make sure that this Judge would not be re-elected.
And I hope can remember Judges on the take,.who received all those gifts from law firms during the 70's, at the time I was employed within a large law firm in Illinois within Conflict of Interest and later I was a Circuit Court Clerk, seeing much and its outrageous that you are attempting to turn the case of your husbands murder into a way and means to removal the rights of others to speak out!
Respectfully submitted by
D?Anne Burley
Host of

Truthradio connection click here and listen

American Injustice

Whats Wrong In America's Court

Here are more audio tapes from programs aired on the "D'Anne Burley Show on" and programming from other Burley Broadcast.
Judge Lefkow Murder - The other Issues not covered in the press from the D'Anne Burley Show on

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America -"Victims of Insanity"

WACO, RUBY RIDGE, Oklahoma Bombing,
World Trade Center


John Peeler was a former CIA,FBI,DEA,ATF Agent, from Little Rock Ark, who knew Timothy McVeigh and was involved in Ruby Ridge, WACO, and Oklahoma City's Bombing,

He called and those in the White House what He felt was going to happen but they did nothing Why?

Dallas Star - Story About Waco

In 1998 the story broke within the Dallas Press

WACO: The Rules of Engagement

Denied his day in court, a former Waco TV reporter, falsely accused of setting up federal agents, becomes the last casualty of the Branch Davidian siege.
The last thing John McLemore wanted to do was work another weekend. The Waco TV reporter had spent the entire month of February in Houston covering the grisly murder trial of serial killer Kenneth McDuff, and he was looking forward to some quiet time at home with his wife. So when cameraman Dan Mulloney called on Saturday and asked his colleague what he was doing the next day, McLemore tersely replied, "I'm going to church." "Oh no you're not," replied Mulloney. "We're going to Rodenville."
Read the full story within the link below.

Dallas Observers Report on Waco

The fact is also that many who died within


Quoting the article which appeared in JET MAGAZINE

Jet Magazine 05/10/1993

40 Black Cultists Died at Waco By Clarence Waldron

With the recent tragedy near Waco, Texas, in which members of a cult died in what authorities are calling a massive suicide, Blacks are taking a new look at cults and their danger.
More than 80 men, women and children died in the fire which was the final chapter in a 51-day standoff between federal agents and the Branch Davidian cult, near Waco, led by David Koresh. There were an estimated 40 Blacks out of 120 members in the Branch Davidian cult, one cult member told Jet, the Blacks were from England, the Caribbean and the U.S.
Among the Blacks killed in the fire as Wayne Martin, a 42-year-old lawyer who graduated from Harvard Law School and held a master's degree in library science from Columbia University in New York.
He and four of his seven children died in the blaze. His wife and three other children survived only because they left the compound during the early days of the standoff.
It is not known how many of the Blacks were still active members and present at the time the cult compound burned.
The seven-week standoff started when federal agents visited the cult's compound to investigate illegal weapons charges.

To read the full article goto:

Jet Magazine Article on Waco there were 40 Black Cult Members

No Body, No Crime Scene Life in Prison because your Father was a Agent Who Spoke out about the lies, and the causes of Murder in America!

John Peeler former CIA, FBI, ATF, DEA agent speaks out



What Will they

Do to "Him NOW!"


By D'anne Burley

I spoke to Mr. Vanunu,

Yesterday, he was in good spirits, under all this stress, and false entrapment which was used to imprison him, but it is indeed interesting to see that a person who was involved in Speaking the Truth,

caused a over 18 yr sentence in Israel, at the foot heels of a confiction of a KKK man Edgar, who headed a hate group which hated bothe Blacks and Jews a like.
As I had stated within my other Articles about "Edgar" from Mississippi, he had over 40 years of life, the right to marry, have a family, make it within his community. Those lifes he took are dead with nothing! But they let this man live outside the prison system until he is about 2 doors from death himself due to living the Good Life.
But in the same content they within Israel found it ok, to imprison a man for 18 yrs for talking up about the Neclear Weapons within his nation, which were to be reported, as a part to stop the danger of Radiation. It's amazing, a people who had lived through the Hollocast of Hitler's Germany and knowing about the rights of men being destroyed can placed such restrictions on Vanunu, when some who are living within the USA are in a Country of Alledged Rights and freedom are condemning a man of peace!
18 yrs, 40 years of freedom for "Edgar" whose group was involved in some of the most outrageous acts against Afro-American's. Look at Emmit Till, and all the others who loss lifes, and the fact that Jewish people are involved within our system and had members of their families removed, killed in Death Camps but again the laws are only pointed at those who pose a problem here in America, and the laws in Israel seem to be connected in "Clout and power and control like the rest of the time.

Other articles on VANUNU FOLLOW HERE!
Will it be possible for "Vanunu" to get a Nobel Peace Peace? NOT!

By D'Anne Burley - Host of the D'Anne Burley Show
The truth is that if they do how will Israel look? I heard that they are planning to give a nomination to President George Bush, and Blair and or others. "If" Vanunu, gets one he would cause the committee and those in Israel and the US will look real bad to the world, so instead they will place him in more ridicle so that the public will feel that what he was involved in and what he did was WRONG, how can he tell all about his employer, his country and worse he spoke out at a time when we are in the millenium and should have more freedom but instead we have none! because of the controls that we have given over to those who do not have the interest of humanity in their hearts!

Vanunu should receive Nobel Prize' By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
Mordechai Vanunu Photo: Ariel Jerozolimski
go to the full report hereVanunu and will it be possible for him to get the Nobel Prize for Peace!?


US whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg says Mordechai Vanunu should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for revealing Israel's nuclear arsenal and be allowed to travel the world to promote the abolition of nuclear weapons.
Ellsberg, whose disclosure of secret Pentagon documents about the Vietnam war helped crystallize anti-war sentiment in the United States in the early 1970s, urged delegates from 188 countries attending a conference to review the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty to strongly protest Israel's restrictions on Vanunu's speech and travel and his likely return to prison.
Vanunu, a former technician at the nuclear plant in the southern town of Dimona, served 18 years in prison for divulging information about Israel's secretive atomic program to a British newspaper in 1986. He has been barred from leaving the country until at least April 2006 and went on trial last month for allegedly violating a condition of his 2004 release that banned contacts with foreigners.
Ellsberg, who said he recently spent five days with Vanunu in Israel, dismissed the government's claim that Vanunu still has secrets that could endanger national security as "absurd."
"It's clearly an attempt to prolong his sentence indefinitely, sending him back to prison for years," Ellsberg told reporters Wednesday before addressing the review conference.
"The message this sends to potential Vanunus in other states is very clear, and the question at this conference is whether the nations of the world should encourage or strongly protest that message," he said. "The fact is more Vanunus are urgently needed in this world."
Ellsberg said that if, for instance, an Indian technician had revealed the country's plan for a nuclear test, international pressure might have prevented it - and "how much better India, Pakistan and the world would be."
In the early 1960s, Ellsberg said he was working in the Pentagon on command and control of nuclear weapons and nuclear war plans and should have done what Vanunu did and "tell my country and the world the insanity and moral obscenity of our war planning, which remains the same today."
"I regret profoundly that I did not reveal that fact publicly, with documents," he said.
Ellsberg, who spoke on behalf of the non-profit Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, which promotes the abolition of nuclear weapons, said Israel today is probably the third or fourth-largest nuclear state - behind the United States and Russia, and possibly France.
He said Vanunu is reported to have revealed in 1986 that Israel had about 200 nuclear weapons. Vanunu has estimated that at the same rate of production Israel had when he left Dimona in 1985, the country should have close to 400 weapons today, Ellsberg said.
That's more than Britain, China, India and Pakistan, and probably more than France, he said.
Israel neither acknowledges nor denies having a nuclear weapons program, following a policy of nuclear ambiguity.
Ellsberg said British nuclear scientist Joseph Rotblat, who won the 1995 Nobel Peace Prize for his work against nuclear weapons with the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs, has repeatedly nominated Vanunu for the award.
"He should get the Nobel Peace Prize as Joseph Rotblat has frequently recommended," he said.

Mordechai Vanunu locked away for 18yrs for telling the truth about Nuclear Weapons being in Israel Not in Iraqi"

Still held without in a conspiracy to entrap him and reporters!

listen Mordechai Vanunu


FROM ISREAL " VANUNU's Sentence was Reduced! Please Read and sent him Letters of Support!

Court dismisses sections of indictment against Vanunu.
The Jerusalem Magistrate's Court yesterday threw out part of the indictment against Mordechai Vanunu and gave the state a month to submit an amended version.
Among other things, Judge Yoel Tsur ruled that an order preventing someone from leaving Israel does not preclude travel to the West Bank or Gaza, and the state therefore could not accuse Vanunu of having traveled to the territories in violation of this order. He thereby accepted the defense's argument that since no passport or visa is needed to enter the territories, they cannot be considered "outside Israel."

To the state's argument that Vanunu needed to be barred from the territories for security reasons, Tsur responded: "All restrictions on freedom of movement must be imposed in accordance with the law."
Tsur also demanded a number of corrections to the indictment. For instance, he noted, the state accused Vanunu of meeting with representatives of various foreign media outlets without naming the people whom he allegedly met. The indictment, the judge ruled, must name names, and the prosecution "will then have to prove that these are foreign citizens or residents."
Vanunu, who spent 18 years in jail for revealing information about Israel's nuclear project, was released last year, but was then subjected to various restrictions aimed at preventing him from revealing further secrets, such as the ban on going abroad or meeting foreign journalists. Two months ago, the state indicted him for having allegedly violated these restrictions 21 separate times.

Sgt Dennis Kyne and the Issue of DU's and our Military the Untold Truth!"

Sgt. Dennis Kyne speaks out about the poisoning of our troops overseas

The issue this that our Troops are being poisoned as are the Iraqi people and many within the Middle East because of the Amount of Radiation in the air and in the water. Sgt Dennis Came back to attemp to tell all to the people in the US who are not knowledge of the "New Cycle of Death That is Killing and Deforming many around the World!, There are many children of our military being born deformed and many of these men will not live past the age of 50 without having cancer and or worse diseases because of the exposure. Why is our goverment not telling us the truth?

Dr. Nick Begich Jr., a man whose father a US Senator ended up missing in a plane crash the 70's,

who is now a scientist in Alaska who seeks to that the public about the issue of sound techno Weather Weapons, he wa asked if it was possible for these weapons and devices to create the TSUMANI and here is his response from a previous Program. Read his book "Angels Don't Play This HAARP" and read what is really happening.

Dr. Nick Bergich Jr. - Angels don't play this HAARP - speaks on how HAARP is being used as a weather weapon


Whose Behind them

And Why are Our Children

Being used

Without our Government Stepping in!

To Stop it

By D'Anne Burley

Forgotten Headlines From the Past

Articles from The:

Click Here to goto Full Article: MG ONLINE NEWS FROM SOUTH AFRICA

A little bit of background is probably necessary in order to show that the seemingly bizarre claims by some, that Hunter Thompson was either about to write on the use of explosives on 911( to drop the WTC towers) - or alternatively - that he was to write about a high placed pedophile ring implicating senior US politicians, are both quite valid.
(I'll save the information on explosives being used on 911, for part two of this blog. Instead, in Part One - let me show you that the concept of a child-sex ring being in operation for a political Elite, and able to survive without any real repercussions for those in charge, is fact.)
For instance, you probably don't know about a child-sex ring that was connected to the White House. You probably never even knew that 15 year old male prostitutes were taken on midnight tours of the White House, amidst cocaine-fuelled sex parties. It happened, and it was reported. Very briefly. Let me prove it to you.
From Thursday June 29, 1989 - Have a look at the front page of the Washington Times, headline "Homosexual prostitution Inquiry ensnares VIP's with Reagan, Bush. Call boys took midnight tour of White House' More full scans of the Washington Times article can be found here.
(Funny how fast that disappeared from public consciousness or media focus)
There are more 'data dumps' of further articles on this White House connected child-sex ring here
Former republican Senator John Decamp stumbled across evidence of a widespread child-sex ring, being used to 'service' well known politicians and White House insiders. He participated in a documentary on this subject, which caused first the Discovery Channel, who were about to air it, to receive threats by unknown congressmen, threatening legal suits - and then the documentary was 'bought' by an unknown purchaser, and all copies were destroyed. Except for one video copy, which was sent anonymously to De Camp.. Its very low quality, given its copied-video origins, but Part One can be grabbed here And part Two - here
John De Camp then wrote a book, titled The Franklin Cover-Up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska
Now that you've seen that the child sex ring existed and was widespread. Read this section from The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush, the chapter titled The Omaha Call Boys
And in case you thought this was all in the past, Ted Gunderson, a former FBI agent who also began finding evidence of pedo-sex rings, about which his superiors seemed strangely disinterested, writes " On November 6, 1997, Gunderson (this writer) was in Denver, Colorado, giving a lecture. At the conclusion of the lecture, a man informed me that at 3:00 a.m. that morning, 210 children boarded an airplane with two male adults and one female adult. My source said that a friend serviced the plane and asked the female adult where the children were from and that she said, "Child Protective Services" and "Mind your own business". The individual who serviced the plane checked the service records and learned that the plane was en route to New York to refuel, and then on to Paris France. Several months later, I re-contacted my source and asked if I could interview the airplane maintenance service man. My source informed me that the service- man had received threats, had quit his job, and was in hiding." (taken from The Gunderson Report: Child Sexual Abuse And for more by Gunderson, this from 2000: (Evidence of corruption linking the FBI, CIA, some top political figures, the Franklin case, missing children, including kidnap-victim Johnny Gosch, satanic abuse, CIA MK-Ultra Mind Control, Iran-Contra, and new arrests of possible American terrorists in Mexico)
Now if you think this is all just too unlikely - come even further into the darkness..
What happens if you're a cop who finds a collection of ragged and dirty children being herded around in a public park by two suspicious men? What happens if - you take the man and children back to their HQ - and discover hi-tech equipment and information suggesting a massive global trade in children? You get told not to interfere..
Read about the mysterious group trading in children, known as 'The Finders' - at The CIA, Mind Control and Child Abuse
Now that you've had a brief crash course in the provable fact that child sex rings for the elite, is not simply some David Icke reptilian fantasy, but a 'Hunter Thompson Was To Expose 911 WTC Explosives and Pedophile Sex Rings


These girls were brought to Brunei in a similar manner to that used by Saudi princes. Within the US a child is generally defined as someone that is under 17 years of age. We do not know if some of the girls in the above picture are under 17 years of age or their country of origin. This rare glimpse of the international sex trade sheds light on not only what goes on in Brunei but what goes on in Saudi Arabia. King Fahd's sons and other Saudi princes are directly involved in the international child sex industry as high end buyers. We see one of the usual enticements of a modeling job in a distant land. Life Magazine reports; "former Miss USA Shannon Marketic, in a recent lawsuit, claims she was imprisoned. She had gone there for what she believed was legitimate modeling work paying $3,000 per day ... she tried to leave and was forbidden." L108 In Miss USA's law suite she said upon arriving she was given a physical exam by a doctor ostensibly for country health regulations. Soon after, she was given clothes to wear for the evening. She said she was escorted to a room where she all of a sudden felt drowsy and fell asleep. She awoke to find her clothes rearranged upon her body, like somebody had removed them and then redressed her. We know from the Center for Missing and Abused Children that pedophiles keep photo/video libraries of their victims. It is reasonable to believe there are pictures/videos of Miss USA taken of her without her knowledge while unconscious. Even so, she was one of the lucky girls being high profile and whose parents knew of her whereabouts. Washington still denies the international child sex rings prey upon US children. US based child abduction organizations funded by Washington will not admit on the record to the international child sex rings preying upon US children for fear of loosing their funding. An old Washington maxim is: "He who controls the investigation wins." Miss USA lost her law suit because the State Department granted Immunity. The abducted children and their parents always lose out to foreign policy considerations of the politicians and their lobbyist associates who represent countries like Brunei and Saudi Arabia. When members of an international sex ring are caught Washington allows them freedom from criminal and civil actions by either giving them diplomatic immunity, retroactive diplomatic immunity or other State Department protection under the Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act.

Read the articles written by Herb Mallard, who was a guess on my program

GO TO HIS SITE AT:Our Childrens Whereabouts could this Link many of the Missing?

Read this article from South Africa Child Sex Rings

Channel 2 News Report on Naperville Based Child Sex Rings

LOOK INTO THIS SITE FROM INT'L On Child Rings out of Washington DC. INT'L Online

IN CHICAGO THE GOVERNOR STEPS IN TO LAUNCH INVESTIGATION OF THESE CASES.SEX Slavery is Happening in Chicago Illinois Whereby victims are taken there!

SO THIS IS OK? and why are people within the Government involved? If you say a word they will attack YOU! and place porn on your computer to coverup this nightmare and craziest. But such we allow those who are either involved, in support and turning their backs to contnue within office! CALL CONGRESS NOW!



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