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Giuliana Conforto
Giuliana Conforto
Giordano Bruno's Future Science And the Birth of the New Human Being By Giuliana Conforto Hidden Mysteries Books Giordano Bruno's Future Science And the Birth of the New Human Being By Giuliana Conforto Planet Earth is transforming. Giordano Bruno (1548-1600) was one of the great sages who announced it and revealed the "secret" which also regards the extraordinary abilities of the human brain; our usual way of thinking is actually oppressed by a tyrant, dualism. Sages had overcome it, as well as we can do now. One Force, Love, links infinite worlds. Bruno affirmed. Through a simple translation of the terms of hermetic science into modern ones, the author shows that physicists have actually discovered the cosmic Force, Love, all great poets like Bruno sang praises to; they have christened it Electroweak, not understanding how important It is for us. The Force is Life which is now increasing Its intensity and revealing Itself to humans as eros, emotions, love; It has generated every thing and is now offering us, humans, the exceptional chance of evolving, becoming self-conscious and discovering our immortal Selves. Giuliana Conforto lives in Rome, Italy. Formerly an astrophysicist, she taught quantum and relativistic physics. She has been involved with hermetic philosophers, since she was a child. Her essential research has been an inner, intuitive one, mainly directed towards self-discovery. By practicing the Art of Memory, she has contributed to recomposing the babel of languages, therefore showing the oneness of so called "opposite" cultures, such as sciences-religions, astronomy-astrology, psychology-cybernetics. Her work greatly improved in '95, when she began a new path; organic alchemy, a deep inner revolution which is reflected in a cultural outer one, evident in her previous book LUH, Man's Cosmic Game. She is now dedicating herself to human evolutions full time. Excerpts Chapter 2, Page 57 - …Bruno was aware that death doesn't exist. He was convinced of his own and human immortality, and showed it in his writings and by his example, even though, despite his exceptional powers of perception, he sometimes wavered and did not hide his very human fear of pain and death. In the end, however, he was unwavering in the face of his own destiny. When he was sentenced, he said to the judges: "maybe you are more afraid of pronouncing your sentence than I am of receiving it". Bruno faced his death courageously despite the fact he was fond of Life and had tried to retract his statements in order to avoid it. Finally, after many years in that terrible jail, he was once again given the opportunity of retracting all his words; if he had, he would have been "forgiven" by "mother" church, and stayed alive. For many days he went without eating, listening to his inner voice… ILLUSTRIOUS DEATH Whenever I spread my wings out towards God I feel the air beneath my feet more keenly I offer my swift wings to the wind and, Contemptuous of the world, fly towards the heavens. I do not bend downward at the thought of Dedalus' sad end - but soar even higher I am conscious that I will fall down to earth, dead. But which life is equal to my dying? In the air, I hear the voice of my heart: Where are you leading me, oh rash one? Bow your head As so much challenge is rare without pain. Fear not high ruin, I answer Cleave straight through the clouds And die content If such an illustrious death is destined for you. (From Giordano Bruno's "The Heroic Furies", 1585) Chapter 10, Page 183 - …The soul is the universal message of love which compenetrates and comprehends everything, without exception. The soul knows its own cosmic origin and destiny. The soul also extends outside the body throughout the entire horizon of nature and beyond it; beyond doesn't mean faraway in space but faster than the speed of light, invisible but just as real… Chapter 11, Page 210 - …Many of us have been losers since we were not actually interested in winning in this world. Now the moment to recognize each other and unite has come. The first true richness is oneness with ourselves; by becoming aware of our own individual soul's plan, we'll meet the right people in order to fulfill it. Plan is a divine ability, said Bruno; Life's plan is individual and collective. The time is right: we were separated from ourselves and to the infinite within. Today many are "seeing" different worlds from the ones we are addicted to; other movies that do not change the "day to day reality" of the individual. We may even complicate it by generating other illusions that take a hold of us since they can give a certain "power" to those who can "see". S
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PLEASE....can some on tell me where I can purchase for a resonable price, Luh Man's Cosmic game in english. I recently heard about this book and would loveeee to get my hands on a copy. I have searched and searched and can't see to find a copy. Please email me at if you can assist. Emails come directly to my phone so I would be informed right away. THANKS A BUNCH
Decole | | September 09, 2012

I would greatly appreciate it if I can be directed to a site where I can aquire the book, LUH Mans Cosmic Game. I've been dying to get my hands on a copy of it. E-mail me at the address above. Much obliged.
Luke | | November 28, 2013

I would greatly appreciate it if I can be directed to a site where I can aquire the book, LUH Mans Cosmic Game. I've been dying to get my hands on a copy of it. E-mail me at the address below. Much obliged.
Luke | | November 28, 2013

Yes i too would like to purchase Giulianas books in English and am having difficulty find much info anywhere in English..any assistance is greatly appreciated

Many thanks
Kiah | | January 21, 2016