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On the following dates the City has tournaments scheduled that conflict with our preferred tee times.

Therefore on these dates our tee times will be as follows. Do not forget to sign up at the Pro shop for your tee time. The Contract with the City is very clear, you must sign up no later than 48 hours prior to the tournament otherwise the City can give away our tee times to the outside public. On all dates where we have a 7:30am shotgun the City has an outside 1:00pm shotgun. Where we have a 1:00pm shotgun the City has either a 7:30am or 8:00am outside tournament scheduled. Our contract with the City stipulates that our members get all remaining available times on all outside tournaments to complete the field of 144 players. You can call the Pro shop seven days in advance of these tournaments to see if space is available, and if so reserve your tee time. Remember if you do not reserve a tee time within 48 hours of the tournament date the City can give the unreserved tee times to outside play. For example if a tournament is scheduled for a Saturday then you need to make a tee for that Saturday by the close of the Pro Shop on the Wednesday before.



Saturday 5/01/04 8:00am Shotgun

Saturday 7/31/04 8:00am Shotgun

Thursday 9/22/04 1:00pm Shotgun

These three tournaments are all the city has scheduled for the 2004 year.
Other than these dates our normal tee off schedule is in effect.