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Members name: ________________________________________________


I understand this membership is non-transferable and is valid through March 31, 2011 at which time the contact with the city expires.

I understand that I must play golf and Pay the green fees, either for 6 months or one year in advance, as outlined in Exhibit E and the modification to the contract dated 09/04/1998. Green fees must be paid by 04/01/10

I agree to abide by the bylaws of the PG&CC and represent the club in a professional and non disruptive manner. I also understand if I violate the bylaws I can be removed from membership. To read the by-laws go to and click on the bylaws tab. Also to see this form go to the same address and click on agreement form.

I understand that I will not be part of any distribution of club monies that will be done at the end of the contract with the City.

I understand I am eligible to take advantage of all benefits outlined in Exhibit-E and the modification to the contract dated 09/04/98


All members may reserve tee times 9 days in advance. All member reservations are limited to one tee time per day. A minimum of 24 hours notice is expected when canceling a tee time for other than illness or bad weather..

As a member you are allowed to also make tee times in the members preferred tee times. They are

Monday thru Friday 7:30 am to 8:30am

Saturday, Sunday and all Holidays 7:00am-9:30 am.

These tee times by contract are not supposed to be released to non-members of PG&CC until 48 hours prior to the date. We currently have some of these tee times already taken by members. You agree not to book these times. THEY ARE

Monday, Wednesday & Friday Saturday/Holiday's Sunday

7:32 Paul Roa 6:04 Barbara Guadagni 6:30 Dick Leonard

7:40 Jack Marino 6:28 Rich Guadagni 7:24 Brassfield/Buzzy

7:48 Sal Demercurio 6:36 Dick Leonard 7:32 Drennon/Tirey

7:24 Brassfield/Drewry 7:40 Rabbit

7:32 Parker/Fogarty 7:48 Rabbit

7:40 Rabbit 7:56 Rabbit

7:48 Rabbit 8:52 Lee Moody

7:56 Rabbit 9:00 Arlene Moody

9:00 Arlene Moody



Individual Membership – Just you—under 60 years of age the golfing fees are $486.00 for 6 months and $975.00 for a year. For Seniors (60 or over) they are $417.00 for 6 months and $834.00 for a year.

Double Membership –you and your spouse (Both must be Golfers and must pay the current double member Rate as defined in exhibit-E)

Golf fees for under 60 years of age are 6 months is $564.00 and $1,116.00 for a year—Senior Rates (60 or over) 6 months is $516.00 and 1,033 for a year.

If you are under 60 years of age you must pay $2.50 every time you play golf. If you have a private cart and are under 60 years of age you must pay a usage fee of $2.00 every time you play golf. If 60 or older you do not pay these fees.



Please turn over continued on other side



We currently have plenty of cart spaces available if you would like to have your own Cart. All spaces are outside spaces. We have no inside spaces available. It is ok to become partners with someone that already has a cart if you can get them to agree. In the past we have had problems with vandalism. If you do bring a cart on site make sure you secure it with a chain so the bad guys cannot drive it away. Every one wanting to bring a golf cart on site MUST HAVE PROOF OF INSURANCE-NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you want your own cart on site or you are going in partners with someone you MUST contact Joe Kermode. Joe is in charge of making space assignments and is responsible for keeping our cart records up to date. Joe will not assign you a cart space and your cart will not be allowed on site until he see's the proof of insurance. If you go into partners with someone don't forget to notify Joe. Thanks. Joe's phone number is (925) 706-2271

Exhibit-E cart fees are $15.00 a month for a gas cart and $22.00 a month for an electric cart. These fee's are paid to Delta View Pro Shop.

Seniority for inside spaces will be established by the date you bring your cart on site and a space number is assigned to you. As people with inside spaces leave that makes inside spaces available .

If you become a partner with someone that already has an inside spot you need to understand if they choose to remove their cart from the course you have no rights to the inside space. If you bring your own cart on site you will be required to park it in an outside space.

You cannot let non-members use your cart. It is ok if a non member rides with you but you must be in the cart.

If you have any questions or are unclear about what is covered in this document please feel free to call me.

Lee Moody (925) 672-5587.

You must sign this form and return it by 3/30/10. By signing this form you are agreeing to abide by our bylaws and to all the statements and conditions on this form.



Signature _____________________________________________Date_______________

RETURN signed form by 03/30/10 to ---Lee Moody----1226 Chicot Place----Concord, CA. 94521---