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Guide to Dog Clubs in the Philippines

MCPCCI - Metro Clark Pampanga Canine Club Inc.
KCCI - Kennel Club of Cebu Inc.
BKC - Bohol Kennel Club
IKCI - Iloilo Kennel Club Inc.
NKCI - Negros Kennel Club Inc
BKCI - Baguio Kennel Club Inc
KCPI - Kennel Club of Pangasinan Inc
LUKC - La Union Kennel Club
TKCI - Tarlac Kennel Club Inc
BK9Ci - Bulacan Canine Club Inc
BCCI - Batangas Canine Club Inc
CCCI Cavite Canine Club Inc
LCCI - Laguna Canine Club Inc
DKCI - Davao Kennel Club Inc
CKCI - Cagayan De Oro Kennel Club Inc
PTDC - Phil Toy Dog Club
PHGCI - Phil Hound Group Club
WHDAI - Working Herding Dog Association Inc
SDCPI - Sporting Dog Club Inc
BCPI - Boxer Club of the Philippines Incorporated
CS-Pei - Chinese Sharpei Enthusiasts Inc
PMPC - Philippine Miniature Pinscher Club
BTCP - Boston Terrier Club of the Phils
IPCP - Imperial Pekingese Club of the Phils
PDCP - Pug Dog Club of the Philippines  
PSHOW - Philippine Siberian Husky Owners
PGRCI - Phil Golden Retriever Club Inc
PDF - Philippine Doberman Federation
LRCI - Labrador Retriever Club Inc
PSTC - Phil ShihTzu Club
PPCI - Phil Pomeranian Club Inc
GDCP - Great Dane Club of the Philippines
ACSCP - American Cocker Spaniel Club



Dog Show Schedules in the Philippines for 2004

Please Be Advised that all Shows, Show Dates, Show Venues and Show Judges are subject to change without notice.
May 22-23, 2004
318th and 319th PCCI All Breed Shows
Judges: Leslie Chalmers (Nz) / Jack Peden (SA)
Venue: Riverbanks, Marikina
May 29-30,2004
BCCI All Breed B2b Shows / LCCI All Breed B2b Shows
Venue: Batangas
Judges: Tan Oo Hock (Mal), Larry Yuen (Mal), Ronnie Natividad (Phils), Mario Magsaysay (Phils)
Rocio De Vega (Phils), Dr Mendiola (Phils), Dinky Santos (Phils)
June 6,2004
PRCI All Breeds B2b Shows
Judges: Mario Magsaysay / Wang Yao Ming (RoC)
Venue: Riverbanks, Marikina
June 12-13, 2004
PCCI B2b All Breed Shows
Judges: Eric Soti (Aus) and CV Sudarsan (India)
Venue: Riverbanks, Marikina
June 27,2004
K9 Traconphil Obedience Trial
Judges: Simon Sim / Aileen Mangaser
Venue: Festival Mall, Alabang Town Center
June 27,2004
NLGSDA Landesgruppen
Judges: Joey Mancilla
Venue: Burnham Park, Baguio
July 9,2004
BCPI B2b Working Group
SDCPIP B2b Sporting Group
PDCP Toy Group
Judges: Andy Hsieh / Dr Mendiola
Venue: Riverbanks, Marikina
July 10,2004
BTCP b2b All Breeds
Judges: Andy Hsieh, Simon Sim, Orlino Hosaka, Natividad, Ong, Hsieh and Friedlander
July 11,2004
BCCI B2b All Breeds
Judges: Foreign
July 11,2004
NKCI B2b All Breeds
Judges: R. Tesoro / Andy Hsieh
Venue: Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental
July 17-18,2004
AKU and PCCI All Breeds
Judges: Foreign
Venue: Riverbanks, Marikina
July 25,2004
BCPI B2b Working Group
Judges: R Natividad / R Tesoro
July 25,2004
DKCI B2b All Breeds
Judges: R Tesoro / Dr Mendiola



Join other Bull Terrier Lovers near Makati, Philippines

Other cities  

83 Bull Terrier Lovers worldwide are currently voting on where to meet
on July 17. The choices in Makati, Philippines include:

California Pizza Kitchen
G/F Glorietta 3, Makati

Starbucks Coffee
3/F Urban II Bldg., 405, Makati
T Salon & T Emporium
Ayala Ave, Glorietta 4, Makati

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