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Why Opp Blast Links Works!

Hello and Welcome to OppBlastLinks! This Page is to let you know about a great way to Promote your website or buisness OPP! and to tell you about my new Forum: " OppBlastLinks"

The Main purpose of this forum is for everyone to succeed in their buisness opps and to get visitors and hits to their web page. I created OppBlastHits for this purpose. I promote this page and The Forum Plus the Links Page that will have your url on it:) and also a banner page that are sure to get you hits to your opps. I promote daily. In fact your site will be posted to millions of web pages. I also do traffic exchanges, safelist, classified ect... ** This service cost $3 monthly
What you get for the $3:
1) Your site seen on millions of sites daily
2) Your url placed in the newsfader of this forum
3) Banner placed in banner beast
4) unlimited posting on buisness opps section in this forum
5) url placed in traffic programs
6) Your Url placed in the "paid Member Links" in this Forum
7) Your Url Placed in the e-mail I send to all members every month in " UpDates"
8)) affiliate program: make $1 monthly for each person you refer as long as they stay subscribed. ( make sure you give the person your user name for forum) paid once a month by paypal or by money order. If payment by Money Order when balance reaches $10-- service fee for this is $1 under $10 will roll into next months pay I will be adding more sites to promote on a regular basis

To Pay for this please click on the paypal button

Please send your topic or subject of your opp and the url and your banner code also for your opp with "opp info" in subject when promoting ask the person you sponsor to put your username in memo box of paypal

Please remeber to stop by the Forum also

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