I have created this web site for a couple of reasons: 

    1) I'm involved in trying to correct and expose the way Kitsap County defrauds its citizens. The County lies about the manner and qualifications for participation in a State program designed to help Senior citizens, Disabled Citizens, Low Income Citizens and Widow/Widower Citizens get help with property tax relief.  Kitsap County, and likely other counties too, misdirects those who want to apply for this program by providing them with false instructions  in how they should calculate their household income.  By misleading County Citizens in how they should calculate their income, income being a criteria for the program, in this way Kitsap County reduces the number of qualified applicants so as to increase county revenue. 

The Evidence:

The link that follows is to a Department of Revenue handout they provided to County Assessors which, they say, is the meaning of the Law, RCW 84.36.383(5).  What any person can do is compare paragraph 5 of that handout to the "exact" language of the statue.  You will see is what the "handout" claims as the law, IS NOT THE LAW. Here is that link to the handout. 


Again, compare paragraph 5 of that handout to the true language of RCW 84.36.383(5), which states.

 (5) "Disposable income" means adjusted gross income as defined in the federal internal revenue code, as amended prior to January 1, 1989, or such subsequent date as the director may provide by rule consistent with the purpose of this section, plus all of the following items to the extent they *are not included inor have been *deducted from adjusted gross income:*


These difference make a difference in determining if a senior/disabled/low income/widow(er) of a deceased service man or woman qualifies for help in their property tax payment.  How disgusting for the State/Counties to defraud these defenseless/oppressed groups.  


Just as the WA State Dept. of Revenue described, incorrectly, the law, Kitsap is applying what they were told in their application. The link that follows is Kitsap's 2008 application for the senior/disabled/low income/widow(er) application that tells applicants the WRONG WAY to calculate their income.  See page 3, first paragraph.



My effort, which has so far spanned 12-years, shows how State employees, state employed lawyers as well as private sector lawyers, and even judges, all work to both "hide" their "con game" and "thwart" a citizens right to present his case to a jury.  The "system", which is created by these lawyers, presents procedural  'hurdles' to jump and procedural "riddles" to solve in order to get his case heard and the fraud stopped.  It is common sense that the more complicated you make a process the greater the chance a citizen will make a procedural mistake,  and thereby get the case dismissed on a technicality.  In other words, if the Courts' make the process of "finding the truth" as complex as possible it is likely the "truth will never be found."

    2)  Attorneys.  Behind every good fraud is an attorney who has devised the fraud to be either very difficult to detect, or difficult to prosecute.  While attorneys take an oath to  uphold the values of "truth and honor" there is really no "authority" to insist attorneys follow their oath.  Otherwise, every lawsuit that exposes a fraud should also result in the disbarment of the attorneys who either 'aid and abet' the commission of the fraud or "defend" the fraud.  No one who is guilty has a right to escape punishment -- that should include attorneys!

These web pages are to present the evidence, so citizens of this state can judge for themselves as to whether or not the legal profession is abiding by the Oath all lawyers are to take before they are permitted to practice law.  That oath is not only an Oath, but it is the LAW.  That law is codified as RCW 2.48.210.