It was decided that "OUR CAUSE" is only "OUR's" if we all participate.  For this reason our participation will be to do the things we are doing ALL ON OUR OWN DIME!  We are NOT going to establish any fund-raising machine. This is a we-the-citizens effort.

What are YOU GOING TO DO ON YOUR OWN DIME?   Will you stand behind us and let us face these issues alone? Or will you stand side-by-side and raise your own sword?

We hope you will stand side-by-side and write letters to your representatives, to alert others as to how the legal profession is a defacto, non-elected, government unto themselves and we are its servants.  

Right now there are thousands of people who recognize this horrific fact but only a handful of people have taken any action. The legal community, this defacto government -- the WA STATE BAR, has 38,000 members in WA State alone, PLUS it controls the JUDICIAL BRANCH of this State. 

This horrific problem is NOT going to be addressed if only a handful of citizens take steps to return OUR government back to citizens.  Why would they... has there ever been a dictatorship that voluntarily gives control back to the citizens? NOT voluntarily!  GET INVOLVED!!!