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Welcome to Moody Road Country Graphics Country Fills. These fills are all seamless and may be used in place of solid colors while creating your own images. If you tole these fills are right up your alley! They also make great fills for graphic quilts.  If you need PSP, you can get a trial copy at JASC.





To gather my fills...L click on the fill of your choice and save picture/image as: to a folder on your own hard drive. DO NOT link directly to these fills as I will change them as I make others.

Below are some quilt blocks that tile seamlessly.




Below is a sample of a "virtual" quilt I made.  If you would like to use my quilt on your own personal pages or in free graphic sets you make for others then you may do so. This is the one time I ask that you link back to me using the logo below and link to the url given. DO NOT use it on commercial sites or for profit. Thank you *S*

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Visit Wompies for a great tutorial on making Country Tiles!

The tutorial I took to learn how to "Tole" my Garden Angel in the header is at Janes.

Quilt block tutorial from Simply Pixelating

Some of the fills I have made are inspired by tutorials I take at Warren Lane. Please visit Warren Lane Tutorials and be sure to let Vickie know cassquilts/Mary sent you! Click on the logo below to make your way to Warren Lane Tutorials!

It's not required but, If you would like to to link to Moody Road if you use one of my graphics, I would greatly appreciate it!  You may use the graphic below or a text link! Thank you *S*

Just R click on my logo, save picture as to your own hard drive. Upload to your server to your images file. Then copy and paste the below HTML and add it to the body of your web page HTML

<p align="center"><a href="country.html"><img border="0" src="images/MoodyRoad_blinkie.gif" width="150" height="20"></a></p>

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