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 Scissors Angel

This is another quick and easy craft! These little angels warn others that your fabric scissors are off bounds to cutting anything except fabric:)


  • Small purchased tassel

  • 1/2 " wooden ball or bead

  • Acrylic paint: flesh tone, red, brown

  • Stylus and paintbrush

  • Glue

  • Scrap of fabric (3" circle)

  • 7-inch scrap of ribbon for tie

  • 1-inch pearl piping or small crochet ring (for halo; optional)

  • Small button

  • Ribbon flowers or charm

  • Needle and thread


  1. Paint wooden ball or bead with flesh-tone of your choosing. Allow to dry. Dot heart or round cheeks with red. Dot eyes with brown. Allow to dry.
  2. Sew a running or gathering stitch around circle of fabric to create a yo-yo. Pull the gathers tight and tuck in any raw edges. Knot securely. Now gather at center with thread or ribbon scrap creating wings.
  3. Glue head to top of the tassel. Thread ribbon for tie through the button holes with the raw ends of the ribbon coming through the button as the front. Apply glue to the back of the button and place at the center-back of the wings. Glue on halo ( this is optional, you may  want to make a girl!). Allow glue to dry completely. Glue flowers or charm to the front as if arms were holding them. Allow glue to dry.
  4. Tie angel to your sewing scissors to protect them from being used for anything but fabrics:) 
  5. To sell at craft fairs, if you have a graphics program, (if not freehand draw or use rubber stamps!) create a graphic for them with your image, text and selling price. Make sure to leave blank space for angel to be attached. Print out on card stock. Cut around edges with paper edging scissors. Make two tiny holes in card stock with graphic on it. Using a scrap piece of ribbon or twist tie threaded through the holes you have punched and attach angel to card stock.
  6. Punch hole in top of card stock to hang from a display or just stack them neatly in a shoebox covered with a pretty wrapping paper.
  7. You may leave them as is or choose to cover them with glassine envelopes.


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