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Welcome to Moody Road Country Graphics PSP 7 "True Country" tubes. All tubes in Moody Road have been mouse drawn by me.

 In the case that I have used others tubes to embellish them I will note it and give credit. Permission to use others tubes for embellishment has been obtained for you to use on your site or to make free graphics for others. 

The blanket rule for all the tubes within Moody Road  is that you may not use them for commercial purposes, add to lists, add as they are as tubes to your own tubes for download nor may you put them on a CD for sale. Thank you for your cooperation!

You will need an unzip program such as WinZip in order to extract the tubes to your Paint Shop Pro 7 program. If you need PSP, you can get a trial copy at JASC.

True Country Tubes Zip file

All tubes depicted above are in the one zip file. You can delete those you do not want. 

Please link back to Moody Road if you use one of my graphics, I would greatly appreciate it!  You may use the graphic below or a text link! Thank you *S*

Just L click on my logo, save picture as to your own hard drive. Upload to your server to your images file. Then copy and paste the below HTML and add it to the body of your web page HTML

<p align="center"><a href="country.html"><img border="0" src="images/MoodyRoad_blinkie.gif" width="150" height="20"></a></p>

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Learn to make "True Country" Graphics at Warren Lane Tutorials! When you sign up be sure to tell Vickie that Cassquilts/Mary sent you on over:)