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Overview and payment method

First, the interested person, the client, send an e-mail to the address:, sending the problem(s) in a specified format. Next, the client will receive an bank account number for payment and 2 values to his e-mail. One is the directory name, other is the request random number. Then the client make money transfer to the bank account. The bank account description field must have the random request number. Within 24 hours will receive the solution(s) result(s) in a specified format. If the money amount is insufficient or the problem were not solved within 24 hours, will be asked a bank account number to restore the paid money. To contest each result the client must pay a fee. The problem format also includes the claim request form. If the client has reason, then the money paid to the problem solving more the fee money will be restored to his bank account. The claims are also considered as a problem. Squence: (1) - Problem send; (2) - Account number, request random number, directory name send; (3) - Payment order; (4) - Money restore or solution send.


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