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The solver and his Input/Output was compiled by C/C++ GNU compiler. It was only used C code ( OUTPUT: The same DOS Directory as the INPUT, but excepts: The answer as the same name as the problem, but have an other format. If one file name were not found, that means than the problem can not be solved in useful time (the money will be restored). Solution of problem files: The answer is described as: dimension( unsigned long int ): the same as the problem file. code ( unsigned long int ): value 3. maxValue ( long int ): the same as the problem file. cost: the cost of the solution ( long long int ). vertices sequence: the array, of size dimension, with values ( unsigned short int ) of the index cities. The solution is a connecting ring of cities. If the array[i] == j, means than the (i+1)th city links the (j+1)th city, or the (i+1)th line links the (j+1)th city. last value: for now does not matter (long int). Results of files to contest: dimension: number of cities ( unsigned long int ) from 4 ... 800. code ( unsigned long int ): value 2. maxValue ( long int ): the same as the problem file to contest. answer (unsigned long int): 0 means the solution has an error (the money will be restored), 1 means there is no solution identified, (the money will not be restored), 2 means the solution is not perfect (the money will be restored), 3 means that will not give reason to the complain (the money will not be restored).


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