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To: My dear audiences, Subject: Extreme Priority – Belief in them / Priorité Extrême – confiance à elles URL: (OR ANY SUB FOLDER OF THIS HOST, LEST IT MIGHT BE FORGOTTEN WHEN ADDRESS IS OVERWRITTEN) I initially would wish to greet some of our friends back among us and back to health; the alliance is proud of you, so is the prudence. However, when I turn my around, I don’t quite see all the faces that are so cordial. They are the faces that lack a warm smile, intimacy and above all honesty. The belief in them in my opinion is no different than some of those phony orders that force their disciples into facing unreasonable torture, or tyrannical regimes that cause colossal heaps of skulls and skeletons to be erected. They are not persuasive at all and because of this I don’t wish to believe that they should be the second power after God to dominate the world and give a shape to it according to the molds in their minds, because I am sure that’s not God’s consent either, but He tests us with such experiences only for us to understand that how precious being alive and free are, two important features in my opinion for the human beings to better absorb and brace to eventually transcend to the next dimension after death comes for us as we perish like we all would. In my opinion, with my experiences suggesting the reality affirmed by you my faithful readers that, if we entrust a herd to the hands of a wolf to act as their shepherd, we ought to consider the entire herd as gone, extinct or slain; if we assign a thief to run a bank, we ought to consider our savings spent and gone and if we let the people that capture me to indirectly keep capturing you, with their say over my assets meaning say over your own lives, then we ought to consider ourselves as not free individuals, be all but free. These people frequently lie, so much lie that the clear distinction between the truth and the lie becomes an unclear, indefinite line, some concept with a hollow cavity inside, and the basic point that is often ignored in these is nothing but the actual reality that THIS COUNTRY CANNOT HAVE A SAY OVER MY LIFE, BECAUSE I WAS TAKEN AWAY FROM THE LAP OF MY REAL MOTHER AND WAS PLACED TO BE RAISED BY A SYSTEM, THEM, TO GROW UP AND TO BE UNDER THEIR CONSTANT CONTROL FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE, IN SOME WAYS ACTIVELY AND IN SOME VERY PASSIVELY; BUT THEIR TAKE OVER AND NOT BEING HANDED OUT TO MY REAL MOTHER SHOWS A BLUNT, MEANINGLESS POINT, WHICH SEEMS THE EQUAL OF SUGGESTING THAT “MOTHERS DON’T DELIVER BABIES, IT’S THE HOSPITALS THAT DO”; NULLIFYING THE ESSENTIAL RELATIONSHIP THAT IS NO UNLIKE OTHER ONE MAN CAN EVER HAVE; BECAUSE MOTHER IS A NATURAL SHIELD, A NATURAL SHELTER, SOME SHACK AND SOME PLACE WHERE MAN HAS BEEN FULL AND WOULD COME TO DEPEND ON SEVERAL MORE YEARS EVEN IF THE MAN GROWS UP AND AFFORDS THE CHANCE OF BEING THE PARENT OF CHILDREN HIMSELF AS WELL. THE FORMER LAND IMPOSES US A SYSTEM, WHETHER YOU ARE CONSCIOUS OF IT OR NOT, THAT THEY JUST WANT THE ENTIRE CONCEPTS OF EXISTENCE TO BE FULFILLED ONLY BY THEM, SO THAT THEY WILL BE INDISPENSABLE AND TAKE THEIR REQUIREMENT OF TRYING HARDER FOR THEIR EXISTENCE TO BE ENDURE WILL BE LOOKING LIKE A WAR WON AND THEY CAN BE TAKING IT FOR GRANTED. FORMER LAND GOVERNMENT TEAMS TAKING OVER CONTROL OF MY LIFE AND DICTATING HOW I SHOULD LEAD MY LIFE, WHO I WOULD BE AND WHO I SHOULD BE WITH, AS MY MOTHER AND ALL THOSE PEOPLE I REGARD AS MY RELATIONS WOULD BECOME PARTIES OUT OF THE SYSTEM, JUST LIKE THE REAL LOVE, WHICH I FOOLISHLY COULDN’T COMPREHEND AND WHICH I SOUGHT IN DISTANT MEMORIES OR AROUND ME, INSTEAD OF LOOKING BACK TO MY MORE INNOCENT DAYS AS A YOUNG SCHOOLBOY. THE FIGURES THAT DICTATE ME TO LIVE NEXT TO PEOPLE WHO MERELY SURROUND ME (RATHER THAN BE A SURROUNDING TO ENCOURAGE ME TO BE ME AND BE SOMEBODY TO BE OF GOOD TO PUBLIC HAVING SETTLED PROBLEMS OF EXISTENCE AND LOOKING AHEAD TO BE OF SERVICE TO PEOPLE) AND WE SEE THE FORMER LAND AS A PARTY THAT TRIES TO SNAP ME OUT OF MY REAL NATIONS; THE MATERNAL LAND AS WELL AS THE PEOPLES OF WHERE I WAS TRULY BORN IN, THE WAY THEY SNAPPED ME OUT OF MY FORMER NATION AND ISOLATED ME AND THE WAY THEY TORE ME APART FROM MY ENTITY ONLY TO MAKE USE OF MY ASSETS, LIKE A TREE MEANT TO BE THERE FOR THE FRUIT AND THEN CHOPPED DOWN TO BE THE RED HOT DECORATION OF SOME FIREPLACE CLEARLY SUGGEST THAT THE FORMER LAND IS A PARTY THAT KILLS ALL BEAUTIFUL FEELINGS AND THE SOCIAL LIFE WITHIN, INSTEAD PLACING UGLY THINGS AND DOING DIRTY TRICKS TO DEMOLISH WHAT THEY COULDN’T WHOLLY DO, WHICH IS TO KILL THE MAN AND THE HUMAN WITHIN. And when I look at the maternal land front, I see a clear idleness and distrust as I dubiously think what their government can do in a couple of months about what they haven’t done for years; and with my heart broken I reached a decision based on this disappointment and I decided NOT TO support them when they will demand their retention of their power. Because politics is a humanly thing since you are to serve and exist for people; as I have done once fight for their integrity and risk death to keep a community alive, which is the opposite of what the former land does, as their practice shouts out in my words in CAPITAL LETTERS, and I see this government doing very little in the name of my humanity as it seems very far from persuasion that a system that snaps me apart from my mother could be a reliable force to make new generations of men to have their mothers, thus I completely withdraw my support and will be making a choice between either of the opponents because I decided NOT TO find alibis for that speech I plan to make with my mother when I would be seeing her the first time I’d consciously see her, knowing SHE IS my mother and say that I EXALTED THOSE DOING NOTHING FOR THE SAKE OF OUR UNITY, MOTHER AND CHILD; some issues are far from personal and some are far too complicated to be defined as merely “GRUDGE”, “VENGEANCE” OR A “PAYBACK”; because being apart and loving in filial or emotional terms (as I also am apart from my true love, the first time of all; for who I am the first time too, physically as well) and this issue is something like having a common bank account in partnership with my real mother or my loved one. As any bank account of more than one client would know, one cannot easily draw cash or spend it without asking for others, therefore it would be something far too shallow for me to seem as though I act or fight solely on my behalf. My mother is a lady (not in peerage sense but like ladies and gentlemen), so is my first love and I since they couldn’t do it as their upbringing wasn’t enabling them had to face and contact those liable and insensitive for their suffering and I had to appear tough because such remarks don’t match ladies and if I am to pay for this, just as I was laid off from my job and was tried to be tried and sentenced to a penalty, let me suffer at least once now that my mother yelled, shouted and was in pain while delivering me. But for that pain, flesh being apart from flesh, for the very sake of it, I can’t alone act by myself thus whatever I have to do to make these figures pay back as THE MATERNAL LAND GOVERNMENT from now on CANNOT ASK FOR VOTE FOR LIBERATING ME, BECAUSE THEY WILL HAVE APPEARED BEFORE THEIR PEOPLE ONLY TO ASK FOR VOTE IN FAVOR OF THE CAPTOR PARTIES, BASICALLY THE FORMER LAND HERSELF; HENCE IF THE FORMER LAND CHAIR HIMSELF WOULD KNOCK ON EACH MATERNAL LAND CONSTITUENCY’S INHABITANTS’ DOORS AND ASK FOR VOTE, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN MUCH MORE DIRECT AND INTIMATE BECAUSE LIES WOULD HAVE BEEN LEFT ASIDE, IN FAVOR OF THE PLAIN TRUTH, WEEKS AND NIGHTS GO ON AND I AM STILL IN THIS POSITION AND I DON’T WANT TO AWARD ANY SLOW OR DELIBERATELY IDLE MECHANISM, MY MOTHER IS GONE, SO IS MY FIRST LOVE; I AM JUST WAITING FOR THE DAMNED WIDOW OF A SLAIN MAN, WHAT A FUTURE FOR A YOUNG MAN WHO HAD TO GIVE EVERYTHING FOR THE PAST ACCOUNTS NEVER SEEM TO BE CLOSED; ALL THAT I WANTED WAS MY NAME, NOT THE SO-CALLED PRIVATE LEGACY OF THAT LIFE; I CAN’T STAND IT IF IT HAS GOT TO OCCUPY MY OWN. I HAVE ONE BODY, NOT A THOUSAND SOULS – THERE IS A BELIEF AMONG COMBATANTS; ESPECIALLY SAILORS AND AIRMEN; THEY BELIEVE THE EXISTENCE OF A WIDOW NEARBY WOULD BRING THEM A MISFORTUNE AND AS SHE WAS THE WIFE OF A SUPERSTITIOUS MAN, THIS IS HOW I WISH TO RESPOND TO HER. And now, finally the term for what they whisper after me; these figures are NOW CAUGHT TO HAVE BEEN DAMAGING MY SCHOOL LIFE ON THE EDGE OF MY GRADUATION AND SECONDLY AN ACADEMIC IS PLANNED TO BE SLAIN BECAUSE OF NOT BEING ENABLED TO BE WORKING AT SCHOOL (Even though I wanted to work for somewhere else, much closer to shelter if I should stay here, because it both pays well and the road is much longer if I am to be teaching at the school I am about to graduate as I DO NOT HIDE THAT A CROWN SOVEREIGN EXPATRIATION WITHOUT PREFERABLY THE INTERFERENCE OF OVERSEAS AND FARTHER PLACES DUE TO BUREAUCRATIC FLAWS SUCH AS AVOIDING A SECOND TERM MILITARY DRAFT IS MORE PREFERRED AS I WOULD ONLY WISH TO BE PART OF THE BIGGEST COUNTRY AMONG THE PEOPLES OF WHERE I WAS ORIGINALLY BORN IN; BECAUSE THOSE HAVING A COUPLE OF MONTHS LEFT CANNOT PRESENT A MAKESHIFT SOLUTION AS DECISIVE VICTORY, not in the name of my mother): The 1st tape starts. This was recorded from a call made within last 24 hours, duration 5 minutes. One of the lines belong to a big test center for international exams and the other belongs to a giant human resources company: 1fl: The dragon can't hide any longer, has to emerge on the surface and out of the forest and when it gets out we will hunt it down. 2fl: Mother's dearest is going to have a giant shock this week; when he will see the renewal of the admission, he will find out that he failed to show up in some lessons and is sacked; has been sacked months ago and the military will come to our rescue. 1fl: Yeah, my a.. There is no better means of protection for him than the existence of his status. We can't afford it, this week he will call for the lawyer and there will be new images shot all the time and that process will move rapidly; this is going to be a pain deeper. 2fl: That's the only way. 1fl: It sure is and we will handle it and give the little girl the joy and the discipline of her life, maybe she will remember some experiences she doesn't recall. There is a pause over 130 seconds according to computer clock. The 2nd tape starts. This was recorded much later than he previous one, with no time tag specifically given; with duration again five minutes. One of the lines belong to a retired judge and the other belongs to a retired prosecutor both in former land. 1flo: In my opinion, being unemployed is a very hard thing to live with, you find so much time to hate people that don't help you. 2flo: Yeah, this is the big case of being unemployed, so when you hate people you may try to kill them too. 1flo: I have a better idea than team A. We should see one of the academics killed. 2flo: How will he be in suspects list? 1flo: We will find some addresses there in that part of the town he may be likely to hate, with a deep throat cut that will be driving suspicion, as well as testimonies of some school staff before the exploited girl in hatred. 2flo: That will be his kick out. 1flo: (Says something not heard) DO GIVE ME AN HOUR AT LEAST FOR THE UPLOAD TO BEGIN & BE FINALIZED IF NOT AVAILABLE WITHIN TIME OF YOUR RECEIPT AND RESPONSE IN CLICKING: Today's message is available in today's declared address IN A NEW DOMAIN WITH USER ALIAS; limited version with more recent files is available ONLY in ADDRESS UPDATED (OR ANY SUB FOLDER OF THIS HOST; THIS WAS GIVEN MORE EMPHASIS AND EMERGED ON FIRST PAGE IN SEARCH ENGINE OCCASIONALLY limited upload, if both fails look for the major one, please and if neither of which are possible that is because of closed down servers or recognition codes not shown - OR NOT AVAILABLE (IF ONE SHOULD DISCONNECT, OR SEE SERVICE NOT AVAILABLE - ANY AUTHORITY POSTED CAN USE THE FREEDOM OF HOSTING IT INSTEAD OF ME WITH PUBLISHING FILES IN YOUR ARCHIVES AS WELL AS WHAT NEW THINGS I MAY BRING AND ADD TODAY'S MESSAGE; HELP ME PLEASE IF YOU WANT THE TRUTH TO WIN), if there will be a sort of a crisis in terms of upload, I will find alternatives, as names within directory will be either /main.html or /index.html and yesterday's message is available at /hier-yesterday.html, and requirement of immigrations to alternative land are available at /checkout.html and BRAND NEW PAGE SHOWING LOCAL LAWYER DATABASE ENGINE IN /search.htm or .html AND HOW FORMER LAND HAS VISA AND CITIZENSHIP PROCEEDINGS DONE IS IN NEW PAGE: /look.html, SEE ALSO /ps.html FOR THE OFTEN TRUNCATED REPEATED POST SCRIPTION BLOCK. ***Images (in the same domain address and directory) i200+ are newer (for related images of lack of sanitation or under quality living do see 16, 17, 40, 48, 50, 51, 65, 68, 69 and 84); the media files uploaded via this domain from i001.jpg to to the last media file; …/i207.jpg (another 37 appearance, in a field matching my prior vulnerability, software piracy in relation with my lack of affordability and proven poverty) .../i206.jpg (numerology of hidden intents blended to the entity dictated to me for assimilation knowing I haven’t got many places to go) .../i205.jpg (start the proceedings) .../i204.jpg (My poverty indicating official paper scanned – FATHER NAME GIVEN BECAUSE OF FAMILY STRUCTURE HERE, NO HARD FEELINGS MORE OR LESS THAN THAT FOR SO-CALLED MOTHER) THE REST OF THE EXPLANATIONS WILL BE AVAILABLE IN PS.HTML FILE Yours faithfully / Veuillez agréer, Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. 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