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Paula Lenz Kerr

Life Coach & Health and Fitness Business Coach -- 
Assisting people with taking good care of themselves, and helping independent business people get their gifts, talents, and services out to the customers who need them.



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"Information is just entertainment without implementation. Action is what changes peoples lives."

~ Coach Paula                     


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Do you wake up tired?


Are there more things on your to do list than time to do them?


Do you ever wish you could just drive away from your life as you know it and leave it in your rearview mirror?


Do you wish you could snap your fingers and be in a wonderful new life that you would love?


Are you surviving rather than thriving?


So many people do not realize they are letting life mold them rather than intentionally creating a life they love.


How many times have you sat down and decided if you were to create a life that you would love what would it look like?


If you say never, then isn't it about time you created a target to shoot for? How will you hit your target if there isn't one?


Who is in charge of creating this target? We all must take personal reponsibility for creating a life we love. No one else on earth knows your true purpose but you.


If you have never given this much thought, it could be why you are where you are today.


It is never too late to start.


Call now for your complementary consultation to get you started on creating the life you love. You can reach me at 208-336-9306 now.


I have assisted many people to assess where they are now, where they would like to be in 2 years or 5 years from now, and then co-create a road map to getting them there.


Through a weekly phone call that builds in accountability, weekly actions (chosen by the client), and follow through, each client transforms their life into a life they enjoy.


They begin to focus on "get to do's" rather than "have to do's" and life becomes a pleasure again. Thoughts become healthier and life gets funner to live. This process is such a joy to witness.


Oh...pardon me I forgot to introduce myself...


I am Paula Kerr, a life and executive coach. I have been helping people transform their lives for the past 9 years. My clients are usually self driven and ready for change. They are willing to do the work it takes to take action and follow through with the action steps they know will get them to where they desire to go with their lives.


What seperates me from other coaches is I am based on action and accountability.


Because of this, my clients experience results in record time. Quickly realizing the life they want to lead is within their reach.


My clients say they feel empowered after talking with me and can bust through barriers they could never have hurdled on their own (things that have held them back for far too long).


Best of all my coaching literally pays for itself. Most people as a result of working with me increase their income and self esteme.


So what are you waiting for? Call now at 208-336-9306 for your complementary half hour consultation to see if coaching with me is your next best step to creating a life you desire! Or like my facebook coaching business page to get to know me better at:




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