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I have lived in the Northeast Indiana my entire life. After graduating from High School in 1985, I continued my education in computer typesetting. I have 15 years experience in layout/design and customer relations. My husband, and I have 2 children. I have volunteered for my sons school's PTO for which I served as an officer for 2 years. It was during this time I created the Riverdale Elementary Web site. In the 2001-2002 school year we had over 12,000 hits to our site. That has more than tripled in the 2002-2003 school year at 41,161 hits. I recently redesigned the DeKalb Eastern School District web site adding many new features. I have provided consulting on the Rivergreenway site that was created and maintained by EHS Outdoor Environmental Science students. I also consult on the Butler Elementary site. All these sites can be accessed through my Design Portfolio on my web site.

No software is utilized in the development of my web site designs. This enables me to create a unique site for my clients. Design services range from obtaining domain names and web site hosting, to the actual design and maintenance of the web site. The actual services will be modified to meet the needs and desires of the client.

Unlike some of my competitors that charge up to $50 per hour or a per page fee, I charge a low price of $20 per hour, with no hidden costs. I only charge for the actual time I put into the designing and maintenance of the web sites. No more, and no less. Contact me at to schedule a consultation for a customized web site designed to fit your business or organizational needs.

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