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Thank you for the service we received from your company. The quality of the bus was superb! Fantastic cleanliness. To sum it all up all of our group felt like were on an ocean liner, even down to the point of floating on the waves. The smooth ride was out of this world. The uniformed driver told the story. He was completely confident, friendly, loyal and in complete control at all times. He was admired and respected. A great driver. We knew we were safe and secure. Excursions is the bus we choose! Thank You!

Ft, Wayne

The reason I first chose Excursions, Inc. is the same reason that I continue to use Excursions, Inc., they run a professional, first-class operation! The equipment is either new, or “like new,” and is maintained to high standards. This gives me, the tour operator, a great sense of confidence that things beyond my control are, indeed, in order. I can therefore expect a safe and trouble-free trip.

Excursions has done a good job in providing well qualified, courteous bus drivers, as well. I have traveled over 80,000 miles with them and have felt safe and secure. I appreciate the clean as a pin coaches, too. Interiors (including the restrooms) and exteriors are kept clean and bright.

I can recommend this charter service with confidence and enthusiasm.

Merrill Phillips
Cruise Director, Land Cruise, Inc.

The bus was simply the best of any we’ve ridden in on the numerous trips we’ve taken. I found the seat especially comfortable, and I very much appreciated the generous space available in the overhead storage area. The reading lights worked well, and the heating system functioned at a comfortable level. I’ll certainly look forward to seeing EXCURSIONS on the bus when we arrive for future trips. We expect a driver to be skilled at handling the bus safely, courteous to the passengers, and generally congenial. Keith performed well beyond our expectations in all categories. We certainly look forward to riding with him again.

Satisfied Customer

On behalf of the students, staff and parents of the New Castle Chrysler High School “Trojan Marching Band,” I would like to take this opportunity to thank your entire company for providing the transportation for our recent trip to Orlando and Disney’s “Magic Music Days.”

The coaches were without a doubt the nicest and most comfortable on which we have traveled. All of the drivers were not only professional, but also congenial in carrying out their job. They interacted with the students and adults in a positive manner at all times. I would especially like to thank our “main drivers,” Tom, Rex, Keith, and Dick, for always going well beyond what was expected to insure that we were taken care of.

Again, thanks for helping make this trip an “experience of a lifetime” for our entire organization. We look forward to working with your company on many future trips.

Mark Middleton
Director of Bands

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