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About K & L Fashion

K & L Business Fashion opened their doors in spring of 2002 with their trendy business fashion line for women of all ages. The company is owned and operated by Kimberly Henry and Leyna Sibbald.

With their wide selection of clothing they are able to fit and dress anyone; especially for that very important interview or the first day on the job.

K & L Fashion has one of the best sales staff in the area. Every employee has to go through extensive training in a variety of fashion procedures, such as:

  • Colour Scheming
  • Sizing
  • Suiting Different Body Types
  • Accessorizing
  • Current Trends
  • European Fashion

  • About Kimberly

    Kimberly Henry started educating herself in the fashion industry at a very young age. She graduated with Honours from one of the top fashion schools in Europe, University du France. After her long 5-year course in Fashion Designing, she completed a Business Marketing course at the University of Los Angeles. While attending U of LA, Kimberly met her now dear friend and business partner, Leyna Sibbald.

    About Leyna

    Leyna Sibbald graduated from the University of Los Angeles with a Bachelors Degree in Business Marketing/Advertising. She too loved the fashion industry, but made the decision to focus on her Business Degree. When she met Kimberly, Leyna knew that they would start a successful business fashion company together.

    Policy & Mission Statement

    If you are not satisfied with your purchase we have a return policy and a money back guarantee on all clothing within 30 days of purchase. If there is something particular that you are looking for we, as a team, will do our best to have it to you as quickly as possible.

    With K & L Fashion you are greeted with a smile, and guaranteed to leave with a smile.