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Karenina's Work-at-Home Site

This site is going to be dedicated to all of the things that I've learned about working from home in the last few months. I'm getting ready to have my first baby, and I really want to be able to spend time at home with her, rather than ruhsing out on her every morning at 6 to commute an hour to work. I've been searching the Web for legitimate ways to make money from home, but mostly what I've found are scams. Below are links to places that aren't. Here you'll find links to web sites that I believe really work, some links to places that I just think are fun, and news about new places that I find. Check back frequently, and happy hunting.

Working From Home Has Never Been This Easy!

Outsource2000 is the world's #1 Source for Certified Home-Based Work Resources featuring...Quality home-based jobs and opportunities, reputable employers, detailed outlines of the top home-office professions, medical, dental and optical healthcare plans and everything else you need to succeed. They also have a free weekly newsletter about home working and an affiliate program that can help you earn up to 25% of the proceeds from people ordering from your site.

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This site is definitely unique in that you take quizzes to earn points that are virtually useless, but once you have earned 500 points in a given month, you can read messages for cash. There is also a monthly cash giveaway for guessing the amount of money in the jar, tree, etc. And you can receive cash for accepting offers for many of the things that you would sign up for anyway. The quizzes are fun, general knowledge and the site is worth checking out.

Thatís get paid for clicking! Just a few minutes of your time can mean BIG $$$ in your pocket. Well, that's what the ad says, anyway. Now that they are finally through the debugging stage, offers are starting to add up, and you can make 5 cents just for viewing a website.

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