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Quotable Quotes

Money- "Unlike the traditional agent who looks out for the seller, a buyer broker acts as your advocate, helping you find the home you want and then negotiating the lowest possible price. The best buyer brokers are so-called exclusive agents - that is, they represent only buyers, never sellers..."

SmartMoney- "Only by using an exclusive buyer agent can a buyer be sure all information is kept confidential. Only an exclusive buyer agent can give the buyer an objective, experienced opinion of the homes viewed to ensure the buyer gets the right home, in the right location, at the right price"

Consumer Federation of America-"To Buyers: If you want representation, work with a buyer broker. They are legally obligated to represent your interests in any negotiations with sellers."

Los Angeles Times- "Exclusive buyer's agents work only for consumers and often can save them money - and they don't cost more to hire...Buyer's agents are not tied to any particular property or agency, so they will show buyers any home, even those for sale by owner."

Worth- "Hire a buyer's broker. When in the market for a home, the best defense is a strong offense."

Not One Dollar More!- "Your goal should be to engage an agent who will represent only your interests. Not just a 'buyer broker,' but an exclusive buyer broker. Make sure that is what you are getting." Joseph Eamon Cummins Author, Not One Dollar More!

Business Week- "To protect themselves, buyers can retain their own exclusive representative, called a "buyer's broker." Your local agent may offer such services, but be aware that buyer's brokers who also work as seller's brokers can sometimes end up on both sides of the deal."