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Current News:

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  • Jasder Inc. is now teamed up with Cambren studios. We are now in the process of creating a RTS(real time strategy) game. Please CHECK IT OUT
  • We are finished the production of Casino 2001. It now includes an upgraded user interface, and many more options. Email us if you would be interested in purchasing a copy.

  • SysBackUp is another great program that is currently in production.

  • JasDer Inc. is also in the works of programming many new programs such as screensavers, chats, ect.

  • Got a program you need programmed?? Why not give it to us. Email us with a summary of the program, and we will give you further details.

  • Challenge of the month
  • Your Challenge: To create a game which will impress the employees of JasDer Inc.

    Please Email the Project and form(s) (including all necessary components) with a detailed description of the program, instructions to run it and a compiled exe file

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    Last Updated: January 26, 2002