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Created February 2002 - Updated January 25, 2012


I love to teach! As a child this was my dream (among other things, such as being a musician in a rock band, a writer, a horse owner). After college I realized that the public education system was not for me, so I somehow ended up in the software development field.

I also loved to write as a child and young adult. In my work in the computer field I was the one who volunteered to write those manuals no one else wanted to write. I was hungry to write.

Now, after over 19 years producing technical manuals and writing nonfiction, I returned to my fiction and poetry writing three years ago.

Working as a writing coach, I realized that my love of teaching and of writing were easily combined. I enjoy creating new ways to work with my clients.

I started developing writing courses and now have the opportunity to teach them online.

I currently teach at Savvy Authors - check under workshops and classes. Do a search on my name "June Diehl".

I'm working on new classes and workshops, so please return for current information.

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