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Created March 19, 2002 - Updated January 25, 2012


"One of the best writing books I've ever read. The author takes us on a tour of the writing world. She speaks directly to us and sometimes to her cat. I've never learned so much from a writing book I actually enjoyed reading. All the benefits of a novel & you learn, too!" - Posted 01-21-2006 by stonecoldmjd.

"This book is a wonderful guide in the writing journey. It is a tremendous help. The way June wrote it, it feels like I am sitting in front of the fireplace having a casual conversation with Esumera. This is in no way preachy like most textbooks. Kudos to you June! I highly recommend this book for anyone writing." - Posted 04-21-2006 by Roger Baker

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"DARK STORY" -- by P. June Diehl will leave the reader breathless for more.

This series of glimpses into a world destroyed by a virus, then by man's attempt to eradicate the deadly virus via nuclear bombs is a disturbing look into the nature of the human psyche. From the struggles of a greif-stricken mother to bring the body of her young son home, to the man afraid to love again after losing his beloved wife and children, each episode will keep you riveted, and eager for the next installment. Her work is haunting, enticing, and thought-provoking.

Look for more from this upcoming author--you won't be disappointed!"

~J. R. Turner, author of Stark Knight
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