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Created February 2002 - Updated January 25, 2012

Drafts of my writing are located at Writing.com so come on over and check them out!


The stories I've posted at writing.com are DRAFTS. I do not post finished stories as that might make them not eligible for certain publications or contests.

List of my writing at writing.com:

Poetry - Various

THE BOOK OF BLOOD - Related Vampire short stories

TWISTED TALES - Fairy Tales & Nursery Rhymes, with a twist

DARK STORY - Science Fiction series

I HOOK BY NIGHT - A Crochet-related Soap

ESSENSE OF EMILY - Fantasy series

SOMETIMES - My Journal, includes my writing experiences, writing news, writing thoughts, prompts, etc.

Check out the FREE ebook: Writer's Tips which contains my article, "Ten Ways to Tickle Your Creativity: Or How to Write While Struggling in the Mundane World. " I have a how-to article "What Do I Write?" published at:
Fear of Writing in the March 2002 gazette.

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