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Created February 2002 - Updated January 25, 2012

Editing Services

I'm more than an editor! Let me critique your fiction or nonfiction, and discover ways you can grow as a writer. Email me.

I have a background in technical writing and editing which spans over twenty years. I teach writing classes, and on occassion work as a writing coach. I am an editor and reader for ePress Online , and also work as an editor for Virtual Tales.

In June 2006, I was offered a position on the Board of Directors. I'm currently the Editoral Director and Senior Editor.

I've edited various authors' works over the last several years. I love helping writers produce the best possible writing that they're capable of creating.

The genres I've had the most experieced with are: science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery/suspense, historical, romance, and general fiction (mainstream). I am open to working in other genres.

Email me about a free critique for up to 1500 words of your work!

If you have other personal needs pertaining to these or similar projects give me the details by filling out the Contact Request Form
and I will be in contact with you in 1 - 3 business days.

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