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I dream of purses...

Purse Parties


Invite 11+ friends to shop for a week from our e-catalog* (you can print it out for those who dont have a computer.) Well send out e-invites to all your guests!


Your party will have a week to shop from our e-catalog. You and your guests will place your orders via Paypal to I dream of Purses... will notify you of your guests orders for your records.



Once the party is complete and all orders are processed you will receive your Hostess gift as a token of our appreciation for partying with us!


This months Hostess gifts are from the Posh line


Sign Me Up!

Book a second party and get 25% of your order!


*Microsoft Word is needed for e-book. If you dont have that please let us know and well snail mail a catalog to you.

To Book a second party you must first have 15 people for your 1st party and no less than 11 people for your second party. Your first party must have cleared $250 in sales.