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TITLE: "The Beasts Just Don't Stop Coming"(rp#1)

~! 3 Time 3 Time 3 Time WWER Undisputed Champion !~

The scene opens up to the arena as the fans are wild as usaully and commentating is fresh as always as rey mysterios music soars through out the PA system as he gets a standing ovation from his fans as he makes his way to the ring! He then enters with a smile as he grabs the mic and speaks. Rey~ Hey hey hey cut the music essay. Yo Rock, I notice we have a match hommie. Now to me, I'm sorry to say but I don't want to fight you man. Number one, your a trader, number two, you have a cocky attitude like the world aint shit to you, number 3, your not the same Rock. Now I aint got time for old people like you. I'm trying to do something with my career. You know the "normal" xcw wrestling job. Not the one where you make special appearances and set up special shows like you do. I mean look at what you did, you ran Showtime one of the greatest wrestlers of all time out this buisness. To me thats pretty sad homes. He just got tired of your shit and to tell you the truth man I dont blame him at all. So come this Monday I'm gonna rid you of this buisness and hey man, consider it a favor. Because me riding you of this buisness is a huge favor for me and the fans and not only for them but for the Owner! Because I'm sure hes sick of you aswell he probably only hired you to make you happy so just remember that trader, remember it forever, because you will live with it till the day you retire wrestling and till the day you die!

Crowd~ Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

If Ya Smellllllllllllllllllllllllllllll...............What The Rock Is Cooking?!!!!!! The Rocks music blairs the PA system as the fans and Rey are shocked as he makes his way to the ring looking somewhat disapointed with what Rey had to say about him. The great one then enters as he walks around some as he finally grabs a mic as he speaks!

The Rock~What what what! No I know the Rocks not hearing what the Rock just heard. Rey me and you go way back brother, what happened? Got a bean stuck up your ass? I mean I thought we was tight man. But naw you gotta come out here and tell the Rock what the Rock dont want to hear. No no no the Rock hears whats the Rock wants to hear. The Rock don't want to hear your shit, hell the fans dont want to hear your shit. Now Rey this is what the Rock dont understand, why in the blue hell do you want to start up something with the great one, the one and only, the peoples champion, why Rey? Because you allready know in the outcome the Rock will just whoop you like the rest and smack that taco bell look off your face you jabronie! Yea thats right the Rock is gonna tear you a new ass come this Monday. The Rock is gonna show you the true meaning of an ass beating you mexian jumping bean! And no no no it aint gonna be none of that mexican 3 on one shit where you jump the Rock its gonna be some whoop chong cheach chong whoop tong! Translation for all my americans-- Ass kicken, name taken, mexican pork and bean burrito frying jabronie ass whooping of a lifetime!

Rey~What! Rock you talk a big game that you probably can't back up. Now disrespectin the Mexicans is uncalled for. I dont disrespect your kind, you know the tribe people, the ones that run around with sticks screaming boondka boondka. Ha and yet you call us Mexicans wild? You need a reality check Rock, you need to snap back into the world of wrestling, not the world of movies where they make you look like some buff guy on stearoids that beats everyones ass because thats not how it works here in the xCw.

The Rock~Oh I know how it works, the little mexican jobs to the great one who gives him a little jabroine ass whooping! So know your role and shut your mouth jabronie!

Rey~No no no you don't tell me to shut my ( Rock then cuts him off. )

The Rock~No just shut it you little mexican freak befor I whoop your ass right here right now!

Crowd~ Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Rey~Rey~ Oh is that so.

The Rock~The Rock~ Yea thats right.

( The Rock and Rey then stand face to face as there tempers are about to explode all over the ring! But whats this! Rey then smacks the Rock in the back of his head as he speeds out the ring as the Rock was about to lay the smackdown on his candy ass! Rey then walks off geting massive crowd booos as the Rock looks ferious of what just happened. )

The scene then ends as the Rock is still standing in the ring as the scene fades away.