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Who We ARE

A non profit organization
working to save the Ferrets.
No Ferret Will Be Euthanasia
unless A qualified Vet says it is time
to let go of this guy or gal who
is just in to much pain
and is suffering and will not get well.


We take in strays and unwanted ferrets
provide them with a complete health check up
which includes all shots and test for ADV
We work to make sure
they are litter trained and tame
if they are not already.
We provide them with a proper diet.
We search to find them just the right home
where they will receive lots of love and attention.

To Send Donations to the
Helping Hands Ferret Rescue
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Ferrets need love and attention
They all need a very good diet of ferret food.
They need lots of play time at least two hours a day.
Four or six hours is even better.
They thrive on human attention and love.
They need to see a Vet yearly for updates in shots
ADV testing should be done again at that
time or anytime you bring in or come in
contact with another ferret.

The Ferret Giving Tree

Please meet some of the fuzzies you see floating on their snowflakes. Click on them to get to know them a little more personally. Each one has his or her own story to tell. These are kids now living in the safety of a shelter, where many will stay till their time for the bridge comes. Shelter Mom and Dads love these kids, but can only give so much since they have so many they must care for. Please choose a ferret this year that you can play Santa to. Even the smallest of gifts can mean the world to these special babies. Give them an extra joyous holiday this year.

Buttons with Stockings indicate ferrets with Santa's! Ferrets without stockings still need a Santa Please view and find one that needs a Santa and fix up a box for them. It would be deeply appreciated.


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All you need to know
about Ferrets

a memorial to all ferrets passed

Rainbows Bridge Affiliate Program

Cody - my very first full of life kid

Biting and Litter Taining

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To Send Donations to the
Helping Hands Ferret Rescue
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