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Jazz Survivors

Classic jazz, bebop, swing, blues and bossa nova in South Florida

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Zoltan Grof, trumpet

Getting Zoltan Grof to become a Survivor was like the NY Yankees landing that free-agent pitcher who starred for the other team. We were psyched.

Zoltan grew up in the '50s behind the Iron Curtain in Budapest, Hungary, and attended the Bela Bartok Jazz Conservatory. 

He won a spot as a member of the renowned Studio 11, the top orchestra and show band heard on Hungarian radio. 

Along the way, he mastered American jazz as if he had come of age in the bebop days of post-war Manhattan.

When we listen to him play, we hear a bit of Miles, a bit of Freddie Hubbard (his favorite), a bit of Chet Baker. He builds his improvised solos as smoothly as melodies. 

His jazz chops were well developed when he came to Canada in 1983 and then to South Florida in 1989. 

Ever since, he has been in hot demand from big bands, jazz combos, Latin ensembles and pop groups in need of horns.

All of us had played with Mr. Grof from time to time in other bands or when were lucky enough to have him sit in with us.

When our longtime guitarist moved to NC, we thought first of Zoltan -- and he said yes. 

As Zoltan says, now we are cruising with absolute ease.


To contact the band:

Bob LaMendola  |  786-440-6180  |  4122 Inverrary Dr., Lauderhill, FL 33319.