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Jazz Survivors

Classic jazz, bebop, swing, blues and bossa nova in South Florida

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Les Blachut, keyboards / vibraphone
When a tough song throws us for a loop, we immediately turn to Les Blachut. 

That's because he's the guy who knows all there is to know about the music.  

What else would you expect from a natural-born player who studied vibes under the awesome Gary Burton at the Berklee College of Music in Boston?

Les understands music theory as well as anyone, but most important, he uses it to create deep feeling, to enthrall us with racing scales, and to be different every time we play.  

Mr. Blachut grew up in Katovice, Poland, and came to America to study at Berklee. When he graduated in 1994, he joined the Brampton Symphony Orchestra in Canada playing trumpet and tympani.  

He moved to jazz and fusion bands in New York and Atlantic City before coming to Florida in 1996.   

He soon hooked up with Bob and guitarist Mike Zinna in the Survivors and got the chance to return to his favorite instrument ~ the vibes ~ playing on a customized set.

Les plays around the clock as a full-time musician, school music teacher and a church music director. He leads several of his own bands to satisfy his broad tastes, including steel drum, polka, European folk music and worship music.

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To contact the band:

Bob LaMendola  |  786-440-6180  |  4122 Inverrary Dr., Lauderhill, FL 33319.